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Hot Date Ideas is focused on providing creative suggestions and advice for all aspects of your love life. Whether you're looking to find someone and need advice about the dating game, want a creative idea for your next date, are looking for a romantic idea to spice things up a bit, or need the right gift or meal for your next get together, you should be able to find the right tip here. Take your time to look around!

David Hail
Dave started Hot Date Ideas a long time ago when he was learning how to build dynamic websites and the idea just sort of took off. Now he spends most of his time on the business side of things while staying involved in the content aspect just enough to muck up the works.

Kat Richter, MA
Freelance writer and self-titled dating pro
Kat is a dating columnist and reformed serial dater. In 2010, she decided to put her anthropology degree to use by launching her very own "Great Date Experiment." 30 men and 100 dates later, she's finally found her match but she still loves writing about dating and relationships. Kat has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and in Marie Claire magazine and blogs at FieldworkInStilettos.com.

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