Active Date Ideas

Manly Date Ideas

Surprise your guy with some of these date ideas that all real men want to try.

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Rock Climbing

If you both enjoy being active, give rock climbing a shot, it may develop into something you'll enjoy doing together regularly. It's easier if either of you have climbed before, but not necessary, most gyms offer private and group lessons where they will show you how to put on the equipment, proper belaying, climbing techniques, etc.

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Spend your date away from the hustle and bustle of civilization while enjoying the quiet beauty of nature as you hike scenic trails together. As a date idea, hiking provides a peaceful setting for you to learn about each other and plenty to talk about. Plus, your date's reaction to hiking will let you know whether to expect an active relationship or...

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Does the idea of crawling through mud and squeezing passed tight cracks in pitch darkness sound like a good date idea to you? I hope so, because this is the only way to experience the thrill of caving and see some amazing underground formations.

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Off Roading

Are you ready to tear it up on the back of a supercharged quad? Of course you are! Or maybe you just want to ride along with your date, exploring beautiful, rugged areas that are inaccessible any other way. That's fine too.

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This is a great date idea for people who like to try new things and stay fit. Be warned, if you want a guy to join you for yoga there may be some resistance. But as someone who used to consider yoga nothing more than glorified stretching, I can tell you that with the right teacher it's a hard workout, good for flexibility, and leaves you feeling great!

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Mountain Biking

Get out of town for an afternoon and take your date back to nature for some mountain biking! This is a chance to get a little dirty, see the sights, and learn about your date in a fun, casual setting. Plus, you'll find out if they're even a little bit athletic and like to get physical.

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Quick Ideas for Active Dates

  1. Ice Skating  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+86
  2. Horseback Riding  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+69
  3. Camping  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+56
  4. Kayak/Canoe  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+52
  5. Skydiving  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+36
  6. Take a Scenic Walk  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+34
  7. River Rafting  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+31
  8. Waverunner  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+28
  9. Snorkling/Scuba  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+28
  10. Roller Skating  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+26
  11. Sledding  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+20
  12. Snowmobile  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+16
  13. Parasailing  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+16
  14. Pedal Boat Ride  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+12
  15. Swimming  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+7
  16. Paddleball  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-19