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Wakeboarding. Sliding across glassy water in the morning light and getting mad air while your date cheers you on from the boat. Sound fun? It is! Ok, well the 'mad air' thing is probably a bit much, but when you’re new to wakeboarding, even little hops can be a blast.

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Sailing Lessons

As with any lessons, this is a good way to learn something new together that you may want to pursue as a long-term hobby. At the very least it's a date idea that should score some points for creativity.

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Try Golf

This is a fun sports date that anyone can do to try golf without the frustration of getting out on the fairways and feeling like a complete spaz. You see, you don't actually have to book a tee time and play on the actual course to try golf, and you won't even need any equipment!

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Why not give a little something back to the community while having a great time on your date? Volunteering offers the opportunity to not only do some good, but also see your date in a different, more serious light at the same time.

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Everybody's an Expert

You're great at something! It's true. And not only are you great, but you're passionate about it too! So why not take this passion and knowledge and share it with your date? Do you have any idea how sexy a person can be when they’re doing something they love and something they're good at? That could be you!

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NYSDM: Do You Kung Fu?

This is another take on our Not Your Standard Dinner and a Movie date idea with a Chinese twist. As with all of these movie dates, the plan is to take a cultural theme and dive into it. In other words, you don’t invite someone over for steak and National Treasure, you invite them over for Chinese take-out and Enter the Dragon!

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Bike Ride

Get outside and see different things, explore new areas, and experience the freedom and fun of a bike ride. This is a great no-frills date idea where you're just pedaling along, talking about all the different things that pop into view, and learning more about each other.

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Fly a Kite

I like this date idea because flying a kite isn't serious. There's no pressure. It's just the two of you running around, having fun in the sun. That's a pretty good start!

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NYSDM: That's Italian

This is the Italian version of our Not Your Standard Dinner and a Movie date idea. As with all of these movie dates, the plan is to take a cultural theme and dive into it. In other words, you don't invite someone over for burgers and Transformers, you invite them over for homemade spaghetti and meatballs, and La Dolce Vita!

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Mountain Biking

Get out of town for an afternoon and take your date back to nature for some mountain biking! This is a chance to get a little dirty, see the sights, and learn about your date in a fun, casual setting. Plus, you'll find out if they're even a little bit athletic and like to get physical.

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