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Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas is a great time of the year to be with your loved ones and celebrate the important things in life, but it's also full of romantic possibilities. When you're not enjoying time with the family, try these festive date ideas and get a little Christmas lovin' too.

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New Year's Date Ideas

It's time to say goodbye to this past year and welcome in a new one, a year that will hopefully be filled with fun and memorable times together. Take a look at some of these fun ways to ring it in!

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Date Ideas for the Fall

The days are shortening and swimsuits have been stowed away for another year. But that's okay, with the changing of the seasons comes an entirely new set of fun dates that you can experience together. Change is good!

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Halloween Date Ideas

Strange things are in the air as All Hallows Eve approaches. Will you spend the holiday hiding indoors or take your date out for some thrills and chills?

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Summer Dates

Summertime is finally here – warm weather, long days at the beach, and people running around in skimpy outfits. If you were lucky enough to hook up with one of those hotties but are running out of date ideas, try a few of these.

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Celebrating love is a great idea for a holiday, but I'm not convinced that packed restaurants and overpriced meals are the right way to do it. Try a few of these ideas that can provide all of the romance and memories without the hassles.

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: "If you like it then you should have put a rig on it"

Julie and Zane are back for their 10th and final installment of the 10 Weeks 10 Dates challenge. So what did they choose for their big finale? A sunset stroll? Parcheesi by the fire? Not a chance! These two headed out to pier 40 in Chelsea for Trapeze Lessons with a trio of hip, happenin', and way-too-buff instructors. Videos included!

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Making a Smooth Segway

Julie and Zane picked out yet another awesome date that doesn't get as much respect as it should - Riding Segways! The two headed out of New York City, where apparently screwing investors is legal but riding Segways is not, and took their show on the road to scenic Philadelphia. If you've ever wondered about these two-wheeled contraptions, Read On!

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: On the Rocks

This week Julie and Zane spent Saturday night not drinking, not movie-going, but working up a sweat at the rock-climbing gym to bring you yet another great date idea. Or, in this case, what could have been a great date. Click the link below to find out what went wrong.

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Dating with Balls

This week Julie and Zane took it out to the ballpark in their continuing quest to give you the inside scoop on some truly great dates.

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