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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Summer Lovin'

With 100-degree temperatures and every American's inherent desire to spend the holiday lounging around in skimpy outfits, Julie and Zane did the only thing they could - headed to the beach for fun games, cool water, and some serious people-watching.

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Guns N' Kisses

Julie and Zane are back to report on their 5th date in the 10 Weeks 10 Dates Challenge. This time around Zane surprised Julie with a trip to the local gun range for some violent fun. She was nervous, she was offended, and in the end she thought it was kinda hot.

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: "The Greatest" Date Ever

Week #4 has arrived and this time Julie and Zane grabbed a hammock, wine, way too many Doritos, and "The Greatest", and headed out to the back yard for their own personal movie under the stars.

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Wholesale Yoga

For their 3rd installment, Julie and Zane decided to get all bendy with free yoga lessons in a sculpture garden. Read about their morning with hippy hipsters, back-breaking yoga poses, and Costco samples that aren't ready for sampling!

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Exploring the Sunny Side of Life

Julie and Zane decided to take it easy on their second week (slacking already) by taking a walk through a section of the city they had never seen before. Did they stumble across anything amazing?

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10 Weeks 10 Dates: Not-So-Dirty-Dancing

This week Julie and Zane kick off their quest to complete 10 fun dates in 10 weeks. First up, our intrepid couple heads out to take a spin with ballroom dance lessons!

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