Date Night Ideas

In the Dark

Have you heard about this idea out of Europe where blind waiters serve food to patrons in complete darkness? No foolin'. It's called dark dining and customers cannot see a single thing while they eat - not their food, their date, nothing.

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Decisions Decisions

Take any old date idea, add this twist, and watch your date's interest skyrocket as they try to figure out what you’re up to! So what's the twist? It's pretty simple really: you're going to let them make all the decisions for your next date together, and they'll have absolutely no idea what to expect!

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Double Dates

If you want to spend time with another couple, try some of these fun ideas that are perfect for double dates!

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Technology's great, but sometimes I think we're bombarded with way too much information every second of the day. Once in a while it's healthy to unplug and just enjoy each other's company without distraction, which may mean a walk in the woods, relaxing at the beach, or even a blackout.

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Lounge at an Awesome Pool

Did you know there's a luxurious pool waiting for you nearby with free towels, recliners, umbrellas, and waiters who are happy to serve you drinks? It's true! Just think of the more expensive hotels in your area and I guarantee they'll have all the ingredients for a fun day pool-side. If you have the wits and will to get in that is.

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Stargazing Indoors

In the mood for romantic stargazing without the planning and travel necessary to do it outside? Don't worry, you can improvise and make your own night sky out of glow-in-the-dark stars! This date idea is perfect for couples who live in the city and can’t get out to the country, or those who just want to surprise their partner with a romantic way to spend the evening.

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Dates with Dogs

It's no surprise that dogs are man's best friend. Why? Because they're loyal, affectionate, and so much fun! If you're dog lovers there's no reason to leave your pal behind while you go on a date. Plan them into it! After all, they're part of the package too!

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U-Pick Fruit

Spending a few hours in nature, picking and snacking on sweet, delicious fruit is not a bad way to spend an afternoon together. It's ideal for a date because you'll be learning something new, working together to find the best fruits, and have plenty of time to talk along with something to talk about.

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If done right, stargazing can be an amazing date! Think about it, the scenery's beautiful, there's no one else around, and you're lying next to each other in the darkness, looking up at the sky. Mix in cuddling under a blanket and sipping wine or eating chocolate, and this might not be so bad after all.

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Rubs & Touches

43 Kisses turned out to be such a popular date idea that I decided to follow it up with one about touching. We all like to get touched, right? Well this date has you exploring and learning all the different ways your partner likes to be rubbed, touched, caressed, and fondled! (which may come in handy)

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