Date Night Ideas

Classic Radio Broadcast

You're original, right? So why not plan a more creative date than dinner and a movie - like dinner and an old radio show! Enjoy a nice meal with your date and then drive somewhere with a view of outer space and flip on The War of the Worlds. Or go to a dark, secluded spot, lay down a blanket, and get creeped-out listening to Dracula on a shared iPod.

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You may not know it but there's hidden treasure all around you! It's true, and the only thing you need to find it is a GPS and a spirit for adventure.

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Make Chocolate from Scratch

Chocolate is super-delicious. This is not news. But what if I said that you can make your own unique chocolate at home in about 5 minutes? No joke. Making chocolate from scratch is a lot easier than you might think.

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Treasure Hunt

Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the mystery of a good puzzle, and the excitement of finding hidden treasure? Only a lunatic! Not only are treasure hunts fun but coming up with a good one demonstrates creativity and promises more than an endless string of TV shows on the couch for your date.

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A Dinner to Remember

When it comes to dating, memorable is good. Not the "Yeah, we had lobster" kind of memorable, but the "You wouldn't believe the amazing night I had!" kind of memorable. Think about it, what sounds more fun, eating pasta at Olive Garden or having a meal by candlelight on that dock over there to the left?

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Surprise Massage

This is a great idea for couples who are on fairly intimate terms, but probably not something you want to pull out on a second or third date. That is unless you don't want a third or fourth.

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Perfect Picnics

Why don't you find a scenic spot to enjoy the fresh air and get to know your date in a low key setting - with a picnic! During picnics you're not staring at each other across a table, trying to make conversation through a noisy restaurant while waiters constantly check in.

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Now I Know My ABCs

Are you imaginative? Great! You'll need to be as you work your way through 26 spontaneous, fun, and silly activities all on one date! Why 26, you ask? Well, that's the number of letters in the alphabet and your job is to figure out something to do for each one!

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Custom T-Shirts

Spend the afternoon exploring your creative side and making something completely unique. One of the best things about this date idea is that whatever pattern you create, be it an image of a famous person, you and your date’s handprints, or just a block of text that has special meaning, you are making a shirt that no one else in the world will have.

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Up to You!

Take a regular old date, throw in a dash of mystery, and watch your partner's eyes light up as they try to figure out what's going to happen next!

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