Date Night Ideas

Spring Dates

Around this time of year we're all feeling like winter's gotten a little old (maybe a lot) and it's time to welcome back the warm weather. For many people this means getting outside and enjoying nature after all those months of being stuck indoors.

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Rock Climbing

If you both enjoy being active, give rock climbing a shot, it may develop into something you'll enjoy doing together regularly. It's easier if either of you have climbed before, but not necessary, most gyms offer private and group lessons where they will show you how to put on the equipment, proper belaying, climbing techniques, etc.

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Trapeze School

Ever wonder what it's like to fly through the air like the circus acrobats you saw as a kid? Well here's your chance, real live trapeze school!

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Who's the Boss?

Ok, so this one has nothing to do with bad 80's TV but it's still a lot of fun. Who's the Boss is about control - one of you having complete control of your date and the date. What does that mean? It means that one of you will be in charge of everything – where you go, what you eat, what you do, what your date wears, everything.

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Spend your date away from the hustle and bustle of civilization while enjoying the quiet beauty of nature as you hike scenic trails together. As a date idea, hiking provides a peaceful setting for you to learn about each other and plenty to talk about. Plus, your date's reaction to hiking will let you know whether to expect an active relationship or...

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A Little Tweak

We're all attracted to the little things that make our partners uniquely them. Those bunny slippers she wears around the house and her horn-rimmed reading glasses, or the way he smells after a shower and that old baseball cap he loves so much. These are the good things. But there's a flip side to this. Bundled with the 400 things you love about them are 2 or 3 you could live without.

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Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a great way to get outside and have fun playing around without the hefty greens fees, awkward bag of clubs, or frustration trying to hit a tiny ball. Everyone knows how to throw a Frisbee!

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I think just about all of us have done a paint-by-numbers at some point, but if you haven't, you’re really missing out! Invented in the 1950’s, this fun pastime gives you plenty to talk about with your date while spending time creating a masterpiece together.

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Dance Under the Stars

An open night sky can make for an amazing dance hall, so why not take your date out to a secluded spot and have your own private dance under the stars? All you need is a good setting, some of your favorite songs, and you'll have a date they won't soon forget!

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7 Great Walks

A good walk can be one of the best first dates you'll ever have. They’re a nice, relaxed way for you to get to know each other and should provide plenty of scenery to keep the conversation going while you do.

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