Date Night Ideas

Off Roading

Are you ready to tear it up on the back of a supercharged quad? Of course you are! Or maybe you just want to ride along with your date, exploring beautiful, rugged areas that are inaccessible any other way. That's fine too.

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Flip Out!

For this date you're going to throw yourselves at the mercy of chance by letting the flip of a coin decide the course of your date. Where you go, what you eat, you name it!

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NYSDM: Western-Style

Howdy partner, this is the Western version of our Not Your Standard Dinner and a Movie date idea. As with all of these movie dates, the plan is to take a cultural theme and dive into it. In other words, you don’t invite someone over for salmon and Slumdog Millionaire, you invite them over for a rack of barbeque ribs and High Noon.

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Trap Shooting

You're thinking "Shooting guns on a date? You can't be serious!" Oh but I am, and you won't believe how much fun it is!

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NYSDM: Japanese

This is the Japanese version of our Not Your Standard Dinner and a Movie date idea. As with all of these movie dates, the plan is to take a cultural theme and really dive into it. In other words, you don't invite someone over for pork chops and The Notebook, you invite them over for sushi and Ninja Scroll.

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This is a great date idea for people who like to try new things and stay fit. Be warned, if you want a guy to join you for yoga there may be some resistance. But as someone who used to consider yoga nothing more than glorified stretching, I can tell you that with the right teacher it's a hard workout, good for flexibility, and leaves you feeling great!

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The Story that Never Was

The main purpose of this date is to provide a creative way for you to go out and take a bunch of pictures together. The basic idea is to make up a story, any story, and take photos of yourselves as if you were actually living it, then write up descriptions as if the story actually happened.

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Wine Tasting

Whether you're completely lost when it comes to wines or a true connoisseur, wine tasting has all the makings for a great date! It starts off with a scenic drive out to wine country, followed by tours of beautiful wineries, enjoying a nice picnic, sampling unique wines, and getting a little buzzed along the way. What more could you want?

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City Lights

This is a simple date about finding a secluded spot with an amazing view of the city at night and having a picnic or dessert while you lay back, watch the city lights, and get to know each other.

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A Chocolate Tasting

It may take some arm-twisting, but if you can somehow convince your date to lounge around sampling good chocolate and sipping wine, then a tasting just might be the date for you!

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