10 Manly Movies Your Girl Will Enjoy Too
by Dave

Predator might not be her first choice
We're revisiting the movie theme this week to balance out the 10 Romantic Movies Your Guy Won't Mind Watching. This week it's all about manly movies that a guy can pull up with his date and know she'll have a great time right along with him. No complaints, no mockery.

And if you guys can get her to enjoy just one of these then you might look forward to nine future nights without sparkly vampires or Ashton Kutcher. That's worth something.

  1. LA Confidential (1997)
    One of my all-time favorites, LA Confidential launched Russell Crowe as a big star and Guy Pierce as a semi-star (fun fact: both Australians). The story is set in 1950s Los Angeles and follows three detectives with very different methods of investigating a multiple homicide with deeper roots.

    She'll like: Russell before he bloated, the acting, strong story and characters

    LA Confidential
  2. Memento (2000)
    Guy Pierce makes the top two with this unusual film from Christopher Nolan (the guy behind the Batman: Dark Knight movies). In it our lead character suffers from short-term memory loss, meaning he can't remember anything for more than a few minutes, and is hunting down the man who killed his wife through an unusual system of notes, photos, tattoos, and the help of his shady partner.

    She'll like: unique storyline

  3. Snatch (2000)
    This movie has some of my favorite characters from any film. There are a ton of them, all with great actors, and each is entertaining in his own way. Brad Pitt's Mickey character makes the movie worth watching by himself. Anyway, there are intertwined storylines in this one (ala Tarantino) covering boxing promoters, a jewel heist, a Russian gangster, and incompetent thieves.

    She'll like: Mickey, snappy dialog, and the hapless Sol, Vinnie, and Tyrone

  4. Gladiator (2000)
    I didn’t realize it before writing this list but apparently 2000 was a good year for movies. Russell Crowe plays Maximus, a betrayed Roman general who's out for revenge against the emperor that killed his family. Russell Crowe always does a pretty good job and Joaquin Phoenix pulls off a disturbingly twisted emperor.

    She'll like: Strong acting, shirtless gladiators

  5. Old School (2003)
    I haven't met anyone who doesn’t love this movie and don't think I want to. Mitch (one of the Wilsons, not the one with the nose) discovers that his live-in girlfriend is cheating on him a lot so he moves out and into a house near campus. His buddies are more than happy to re-live their college days and of course wacky hijinx ensue. Lotta stupid funny laughs in this one and it even has Vince Vaughn before his routine got old.

    She'll like: Frank the Tank

    Old School
  6. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
    Ocean's Eleven and Thirteen (not so much Twelve) are both great heist movies in the spirit of The Sting. They're about a crew of likeable criminals working to outsmart the security of a few Vegas big shots with ego problems

    She'll like: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, I mean c'mon

    Ocean's Eleven
  7. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
    I think this is one of the highest rated movies of all time and probably the only prison film women will actually watch the entire way through. It's about a banker who gets life for allegedly killing his wife, and forms a friendship with a fellow inmate played by Morgan Freeman. Haven't seen it in a while but remember it being excellent.

    She'll like: The friendship between Andy and Red, great writing

    The Shawshank Redemption
  8. Casino Royale (2006)
    This is Daniel Craig's first turn as James Bond and in my opinion the best of his films to date, probably even the best Bond since Sean Connery's time. The story is vintage Bond with a high stakes poker tournament in Montenegro.

    She'll like: a not-so-arrogant James Bond

    Casino Royale
  9. The Italian Job (2003)
    Adding another heist to the list, The Italian Job is about a job-gone-right followed by a betrayal that leaves the crew plotting to regain their gold from the man who turned on them.

    She'll like: Mini Cooper chase scene, Mark Wahlberg (I know)

    The Italian Job
  10. Top Gun (1986)
    That's right, Top Gun made the list! Being an 80's film this one comes with plenty of cheese but that's half the fun as we watch Maverick hook up with one of his flight instructors while trying to become Top Gun at fighter training school. Just don't poke too much fun or you may find yourself in the danger zone.

    She'll like: Guys in uniform, the volleyball scene

    Top Gun

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