7 Great Walks
by Dave

Couple takes a Walk on their First Date
A good walk can be one of the best first dates you'll ever have. They’re a nice, relaxed way for you to get to know each other and should provide plenty of scenery to keep the conversation going while you do. I'm not going to give a lot of detail on this one, I mean let's face it, it's a walk. You know how to walk and I'm guessing you know how to talk, so you're pretty much set. Instead I'll just suggest a bunch of places so that you can find one that feels right or triggers an idea for one of your own.

Find a bridge nearby with great views and a pedestrian walkway. Park on one side and take a stroll to the other, snapping a few pictures as you go. Have lunch at a restaurant on the other side and then take a ferry back or walk if one’s not available.

Enjoy the sights and smells of a wharf as you watch the boats come and go. You should be able to find some great fish or clam chowder for lunch.

Try to think of beautiful old farmhouses or barns in the country, or even abandoned buildings like old mills. Enjoy the wide open spaces and have a picnic when you’re finished looking. You could also stay in the city for an historic walking tour.

Are there any waterfalls nearby that you can walk to and maybe even swim or wade a little if it's hot? Bring a baguette, olives, cheese, and a bottle of wine to enjoy while you listen to the roar of the water.

Forests are incredibly peaceful, calming places to explore. Walk until you find a nice little clearing to sit down and relax. This could be out in the wild or a local nature preserve, arboretum, or bird sanctuary.

This is an obvious one, providing a romantic setting to kick off your shoes and walk beside the water while you hunt for shells and talk. Try to pick a stretch with a pier or dock where you can sit down and relax. Ice cream is a good choice for beach walks, or a bottle of wine if you plan to stay for the sunset. Leave your shoes in the car.

Interesting Part of Town
Most cities have a part of town with interesting architecture and character. These areas also usually have interesting shops, restaurants, and people. Take your camera along and have lunch at a local hangout.

These are only a few of the possibilities, you could also walk around a:

  • Path on the outskirts of town and enjoy the skyline
  • Lake, pond, lagoon, or reservoir
  • College campus
  • Area with vineyards
  • River or canal
  • Botanical gardens
  • Stadium while your local team practices
  • Nearby town
  • Nice park and have fun at the playground
  • Somewhere along the cliffs with views of the area
  • Nice neighborhood with impressive houses
  • Moonlight walks just about anywhere when the moon is full

And don't forget seasonal walks like:

  • Neighborhoods with great decorations at Halloween or Christmas
  • A meadow of wildflowers in the spring
  • Somewhere the leaves have turned to beautiful colors in the fall
  • A stroll after a new snow
  • Having a great time getting soaked in the rain

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