A Day at the Spa
by Dave

A Couple on a Date at a Day Spa
Do you like to get wrapped, scrubbed, oiled, exfoliated, and massaged until you’re just a lump of oh-so-soft flesh? Then read on, because this date is for you! Spending an afternoon being pampered is a nice way to get comfortable with your date as you enjoy the finer things in life. And it doesn’t have to break the bank! (not completely)

While some of the smaller day spas provide excellent services, this date idea is more about the overall experience and spending time together. This includes things like taking a sauna together, relaxing in the roman baths (hot water pool), sharing a light lunch between treatments, talking and playing games by the pool, and so on. Because of this, investigate the larger local day spas to find amenities such as a pool, roman baths, a restaurant, dry or wet sauna, and little touches like ice cold spring water with lemon slices by the pool. They welcome you to enjoy their entire range of facilities when stopping by for a treatment, and provide for a full day's entertainment. Here are some general ideas to do just that:

  • Start with a morning yoga class, then shower, have lunch, get a massage, and relax by the pool for an hour.
  • Start with a facial (for her), then relax by the pool, have lunch, enjoy an aromatherapy massage, and take a sauna before showering and heading home.
  • Start with a mud bath, then move on to the roman baths, get a hot stone massage, shower, have lunch, and finish up with a crossword puzzle by the pool.
  • Start with a body scrub or wrap, then get a manual lymph drainage treatment, shower, have lunch, and relax by the pool while she gets a facial.
  • Warm up with a jacuzzi, then head off for a couples massage, shower, have lunch, and relax by the pool while you play games and talk. Those of you that don't want to spend a lot, note this last item on this list. An option like this allows you to enjoy a half-day at the spa with only one treatment and lunch. It's still not cheap, but will run you less than $100 each and is a good deal compared to the expensive packages most spas sell.
In addition to amenities, day spas offer a huge variety of treatments these days; anything from standard massage or facials to yoga, nutritional counseling, and infrared saunas. This may be a good opportunity to explore something new together, like acupuncture, full body mud treatments or salt scrubs, manual lymph drainage, or whatever else they're offering that makes you wonder. Tailor the day to your style.

Lockers will be available for your personal affects, along with towels and robes, but remember to bring a swimsuit and any entertainment you may want like cards, cribbage, a crossword puzzle, or backgammon.

Btw, for the guys who immediately grimace about this date thinking that the only things to do at a foo-foo spa are get manicures, facials, and talk about make-up tips. Not true. Go for the deep tissue or sports massage and let her get that pedicure while you relax by the pool and dream of the hockey game you'll both be at next week.

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