Coffee & Cribbage
by Dave

Couple on a Date at a Coffee House
This is a mellow date for couples who just want to pass a few hours together, and a good idea for a casual first date with someone you don't know all that well. The basic idea is to head over to your local coffee shop for some relaxed fun while you enjoy the atmosphere and smell the coffee. And by "local coffee shop" I'm not talking about Starbucks - pick a locally-owned place with some style. Of course the game doesn't have to be Cribbage, there are tons of fun board and card games that you can play, many of which may already be waiting for you at the shop. I just picked Cribbage because it's a fun date game that fits well on those small coffee shop tables, but feel free to call ahead and see what else they have laying around. Go kick back, have some dessert and a cup of coffee, and talk.

If you're not familiar with Cribbage or need a refresher, the best tool I’ve found is the free Cribbage game on Yahoo (registration required). They have a complete overview of the rules and software that lets you play against human or a computer opponents. Those who haven't played before should be able to understand the game enough after half a dozen games or so to explain the basic idea to your date.

Cribbage can be played with a deck of cards, paper, and pencil, but it's easier to score during the play portion of the game with a Cribbage board and is also a lot more fun. If the coffee house doesn't have one on-hand you can pick up a cheap board for around $10.

For those of you who are thinking "But I don't drink coffee...", it's not really about the coffee, have a soda.

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Yahoo Cribbage to get you on your game

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