Cozy Fire under the Stars
by Dave

Couple Spending their Date with a Fire Under the Open Sky
Imagine cuddling with your date next to crackling fire while you roast marshmallows and chat under the open night sky. Afterward you might even take a moonlit walk along the beach - the potential for romance is mind-boggling!

First up you'll need to find the right spot. Beaches are an obvious pick and your local parks department or lifeguards will tell you where to go and what to do. If the beach is no-go, think about nearby parks or other outdoor areas and consider calling a ranger station or visitor's center for suggestions. After you've figured out a few good spots, drive around to find the one with the best scenery, privacy, and location. Don't go halfway on this part or you may end up 5 feet away from cub scout troop #27 and their campfire games. I mean kids are cute and all, but c'mon.

Make sure to ask these questions when you call:

  • What are the basic rules?
  • What are the hours?
  • Do you need reservations?
  • How busy does it get?
  • Are there fees?
  • Are there restrooms nearby?
  • Is alcohol permitted?

One of my favorite parts about this date is that it's such a relaxed, mellow way for you to get to know each other. You're just sitting there roasting marshmallows in the firelight (which makes everyone look good by the way), and maybe talking a bit, or maybe just watching the flames. No stress. It's great! A shared blanket is the way to go but if the ground is hard think about folding chairs or at least some extra padding. I've added a link over to the right for you to plan for a full moon if you want that extra touch.

Your idea of the right food may be as simple as marshmallows and coat hangers or a full picnic with wine, dinner, and dessert. Be careful though, eating big meals outside at night can be a problem because of bugs, visibility, sand blowing into food, and the like. Dinner beforehand and then having drinks and marshmallows next to the fire might be a better idea.

Make sure the fire is completely out when you leave. Pour water over the coals and stir to be sure. Never just cover the coals, particularly at the beach, because this will insulate them and may injure the next person or animal that comes by.

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Check out craigslist or the Penny Saver for free wood or pallets.

You'll Need

Kindling and wood
Newspaper or lighter fluid
Lighter or matches
Roasting forks for marshmallows
Wet wipes or napkins
Jug of water to put out the fire
Folding chairs (optional)
Music (optional)


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