Dance Lesson
by Dave

Couple Dancing on their Date
Do you want to get close to your date? Then try dancing! I'm not talking about the freestyle stuff you find at most clubs, but couples' dances like salsa, swing, or the tango. This type of dancing has been coming back lately and can be a lot of fun to learn with the right partner. A little tip for the guys, you might not understand dancing's appeal and may even choose to fight it, but you'll never change women's love of dance. So you might as well accept it, put in a little time to get competent, maybe even learn to appreciate dancing, and make your partner happy. If you do learn to love it, this is something you can enjoy doing together for a long time. So give it a chance!

The first order of business is deciding whether you want to get a private or group lesson. I recommend private lessons, for the first one at least, because they're flexible and tailored to your needs. For example, if you want to try salsa and tango to see which you prefer, the instructor will be happy to go through the basics of both, while group lessons are dedicated to a certain dance and that's that. Plus you can ask plenty of questions without holding up the rest of the class, and you won't have to switch partners, which is done frequently in group classes. Many studios give a first-time discount, some even offering a complementary lesson, to give you a feel for the dance and figure out how to proceed. Before choosing a studio, take a look at some reviews; I've found that offers good impartial information that may be helpful in finding the right studio for you.

Salsa, swing, and tango are good choices for couples' dancing, or you could even go for some light fun with a hip hop class. The one you choose depends on your style; the tango is a serious, sexy dance, while swing is a lighthearted, fun dance and salsa is somewhere in-between. If you like Latin music, salsa is probably the most popular choice for beginners.

Lessons last for an hour and you should wear comfortable clothes, but steer clear of tennis shoes because you'll want ones that slide. Here are some examples of salsa, swing, and tango:

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Dance lessons may be too intimate for a first date but are perfect for 3rd, 4th, or 5th dates!


$10-$15/person for group lessons
$35-$80/hour for private lessons


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