Dance Under the Stars
by Dave

Couple Dances at the Beach on their Romantic Date
An open night sky can make for an amazing dance hall, so why not take your date out to a secluded spot and have your own private dance under the stars? All you need is a good setting, some of your favorite songs, and you'll have a date they won't soon forget!

The basic idea is to take an after-dinner drive out to your spot and open the car doors, turn on the music, and surprise your date by asking them to dance. As with so many things in life, this date is all about location, location, location - everything else is just a matter of preference. The right spot for you may be an open meadow, the beach, or even the top of a parking garage in the middle of town, go ahead and do whatever feels right. Just try to think of a place away from curious onlookers, distractions, and too much light. This date is easiest somewhere that you can park and use the car stereo, but if you want (or need) to walk a little ways off the road then bring a regular old boom box. When it comes to music, load up the iPod (or make a mix cd) with slow stuff, swing, salsa, or a mix of whatever sets your mood. After you've had enough dancing, climb up on the warm hood and check out the stars while you talk or spread out a blanket and enjoy a bottle of wine.

The starry night concept is nice because it's romantic and dark, but another thought is to plan for a full moon (use link to right) or even bring a few candles to place on the car, tiki torches, light a fire and dance around it, or find a tree to hang Chinese lanterns. It all depends on the location and vibe you want to set. However you decide to customize the date, make sure to check the weather forecast. Stars or a full moon are best but you only really need to avoid rain or snow. Btw this is the first full date idea to be inspired by one of our users (thanks Mig!).

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