Double Dates
by Dave

Penguin couples on a double date
After you've gotten to know each other, double dates are a great way to branch out and add a little variety to your relationship. Bringing in a new couple can spice up your conversations, expand the list of date possibilities, and provide an opportunity to re-tell all of those funny dating stories you've been creating together.

Here are some good ideas for creative double dates:

  1. Cook Off
    Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens! Try this battle of the sexes where each gender picks a few of the night’s dishes (entrée, appetizer, salad, dessert, drinks) and tries to make them amazing. At the end of the meal everyone decides who produced the best stuff and that team wins a prize. Maybe they pick the movie, a board game, or get a nice foot massage while explaining the finer points of cooking to the losers.

  2. Scavenger Hunt
    Have everyone meet up in an interesting area, like downtown, and then each couple head off on their own to write down 50 unique items in the area. Come back in 1/2 hour or so and swap lists, then see who can find and photograph all of the objects first. Winners get free ice cream!

  3. Drive up the Coast
    Spend the afternoon talking and listening to your favorite music as you drive up the coast or along a scenic country road. Head out to a nice little town for lunch and some exploring or just keep driving until you find the perfect spot for a picnic.

  4. Bar-athlon
    Go to a few of your favorite pubs that have games like pool, darts, pinball, shuffleboard, or whatever. Team up by couple or gender and see who wins 2 out of 3 events. The winning team gets free dessert, or midnight breakfast at IHOP if you've been at it for a while.

  5. Backyard Drive-In
    Do you know someone who has a projector? Or maybe your company has one you can borrow for the night? If so, you're set! Pop some corn, have the guys carry the couch out back, and watch your own drive-in movie against the side of the house. Pin up an old sheet if the house doesn't make a great screen.

  6. Beach Bonfire
    Sitting around a fire down at the beach while you swap stories and roast marshmallows sounds pretty good to me. Plus, everyone looks better by firelight. It's true.

  7. You're Game
    Pick out a few board games, card games, or video games and see which couple can win the most. If things go well, end it with a game of Twister! Afterward, go out for coffee and dessert.

  8. Bang! You're Dead
    You’re going to want to shoot each other at some point, so you might as well get it out of the way now at the local laser tag or paintball field. Will you team up with the other couple and see how long you can survive together or split up and hunt them down?

  9. Theme Night
    Choose a theme everyone likes (western, Japanese, mafia, whatever) and host a theme dinner where you all dress the part and eat that style of food. If you're up for a movie after, stay on theme with something like The Godfather. Or…you could have one of those murder mystery dinners where you try to figure out which of you is the killer. They're usually made for 6 or more guests but there are a few that work with 4 people, or you could invite another couple.

  10. Drink and Drive
    Drive around to some local wineries or microbreweries and tour the facilities while you sample their creations. Before the date, see if you can figure out a way to trick the other couple into being the designated drivers - that's why you're inviting them!

  11. Create a Setting
    With four of you painting away at one of those little ceramics shops, I'm guessing you can probably create an entire set of plates and bowls in no time flat. Then, have one of you pick them up during the week (after they've been fired) and unveil your handiwork when you have dinner together next weekend. It's a double double date!

  12. Camping
    Camping is perfect for double dating, it's easier, safer, and so much more fun with two couples instead of one. Go out early for a hike and then stay up late telling ghost stories by the fire. Just make sure the tents aren’t too close together.

  13. Gun Crazy!
    I don't care what anyone says, shooting guns is fun. Even if you've never been out to the range before, a group of 4 is perfect for trap shooting. The range employees will give you a short class on firearm safety and then take you out to blast some clay pigeons. Afterwards, go have duck or quail or something else you could've bagged if you weren't stuck in our pre-packaged world.

  14. Bowling
    Girls, I can't even begin to tell you how much guys love to see you bowl. Watching you walk up and get set to throw that ball is just one of the many joys of the sport. (sport?) Find out which couple can get the highest combined score and then go out for pizza and beer.

  15. The Races
    I think the track is more fun when you know absolutely nothing about racing. That way you get to make up all kinds of crazy reasons for why the longshot is going to win (he looks excited!) or the favorite is going to lose. Set up a pool and whoever picks the most losers wins a free pretzel. That way nobody loses.

  16. Couples' triathlon
    The couples' triathlon starts out with a leisurely bike ride through a scenic area, then a brisk walk to the nearest ice cream shop where you all dive into big sundaes! It's for serious athletes only. Or...if you really do want to play games, how about some 2 on 2 basketball (or horse), street hockey, tennis, frisbee golf, bocce ball, or mini golf? Pick 3 only.

  17. Feeling Sporty?
    It doesn't really matter which sport is in season, it's still fun to chow down on hot dogs and beer while you root for the home team. You may even want to spice it up a little with a bet between couples on who's going to win. The victors get the cheap souvenir of their choice.

  18. The Great Taste Off
    Get some cacao nibs, a coffee grinder, and all kinds of weird spices so that you can spend the day creating chocolate sensations. Take a look at our chocolate-making date for details. And I hear wine goes well with chocolate.

  19. Get Slidey
    If it's wintertime, grab some sleds and head out to the nearest hill; if it's summertime, graph some ice blocks and head out to the nearest hill. Either way you're going to get wet, you’ll probably get cold, and you should have some laughs.

  20. Theme Park
    If you're lucky enough to have one of these within, I don't hour? Drive there! Rides, food, and fun are just a short distance away.

  21. Ice Skating
    Guys, you may not love to ice skate but I guarantee the girls do. Make them happy with an hour on the ice and then warm up at your favorite coffee shop with hot cocoa.

  22. Picnic
    This one isn't super-creative, but when the weather's nice a picnic makes a great double date. Find a quiet spot with a view, bring along a Frisbee, a set of bocce balls, maybe a game, and have fun while you eat your asses off.

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