Drive-In Movie for Two
by Dave

Old drive-in movie sign
Anyone who's ever been to a drive-in knows how fun it is to go out for a movie but still have your own private space. There aren't many drive-ins around these days, but that doesn't mean you can't create one of your own with a little creativity and the right equipment.

The first way to do this is with a projector, which you probably don't have, but there's a good chance either your company has one to borrow or someone you know works at a place with one. Drag a couch out to the back yard, pop some corn, and watch the movie on the side of your house! You may need to pin up an old sheet if your house isn't the best screen but you'll make it work.

Option #2 is using a laptop or portable DVD player. Find a romantic place to park, like a secluded spot in the woods, at the beach overlooking the water, or on a hill with views of the city lights. crawl into the back seat with your date, set up the player somewhere like the center armrest, and get to the snuggling and watching part! Just make sure your DVD or laptop battery is able to play an entire movie. If the back seat seems a little cramped, find a place where you can lay out a blanket and watch your movie under the stars.

Whichever you choose, make it authentic with popcorn and movie candy like Jujyfruits, Hot Tamales, and Junior Mints. Don't forget the soda pop!

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