Everybody's an Expert
by Dave

Man Teaches his Date how to Play Tennis on a Fun Date!
You're great at something! It's true. And not only are you great, but you're passionate about it too! So why not take this passion and knowledge and share it with your date? Do you have any idea how sexy a person can be when they’re doing something they love and something they're good at? That could be you! You could be the sexy person! As a matter of fact, why don't both of you choose something and take turns teaching it to each other?

In a nutshell, this date is about sharing your passions. One of you will teach the other how to do a favorite activity, such as surfing, playing the piano, or yoga, and the other will teach how to make a favorite meal. If you have a preference for either, go with it, otherwise flip a coin and the winner decides whether to teach an activity or meal. Good activities are things you’ll both enjoy and could possibly do together from here on out. Maybe you borrow a racket and give him a tennis lesson so that the two of you can play doubles with friends, watch an occasional match on TV, or go to tournaments. Or maybe you grab a camera and take her out for a photography lesson so that you can go take pictures and appreciate local photographic exhibits together. Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you love and something your date will at least like.

The meal can be anything from an exotic dinner to a simple lunch like your signature sandwich with a really great salad on the side. Don't try to impress your date with a fancy meal, the point is for them to learn a little more about you and be able to surprise you with something you love in the future. They're going to be your kitchen helper, be sure to explain what you like about the meal, why you make it the way you do, and give plenty of hands-on instruction!

Ideas for Activities

  • Football – grab a ball (nerf and regulation) and take your date out to a park for some hands-on instruction, rules, and basic strategy.
  • Baseball – head over to the batting cages or local ballfield for hitting practice, some catch, and an overview of the rules.
  • Tennis - borrow a racket and hit the courts, explaining a proper forehand and backhand, the difference between singles and doubles, rules, etc.
  • Surfing – grab a longboard and explain all the ins and outs of surfing, from the types of wax to paddling, duck-diving, popping up, and turning.
  • Yoga – the beach or a nearby park are great places to learn basic yoga poses.
  • Dancing – start out at home with some basic styles, it may be a step toward taking lessons together!
  • Pool – explain the different games and basic strategy.
  • Rock climbing – a climbing gym is a good place for a lesson or maybe out into the wild for basic bouldering lessons.
  • Candle-making – show your date the art of candle-making and why yours are the best!
  • Cribbage – this is a fun game that can be played anywhere.
  • Poker – cover the basics of Texas holdem, stud, draw, or any other variations you know.
  • Board game – is there a complicated board game that you could play together?
  • Chess – the basics aren’t that hard, open a bottle of wine and have fun!
  • Piano – show your date how to play a simple piece. (not chopsticks)
  • Guitar – teach a few basic chords and play some songs together. Sing along!
  • Painting or drawing – go to a scenic spot and create something together.
  • Photography - explain some of the technical details and then go out for a shoot!

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Try to help your date understand what it is you love so much about the activity or meal. They want to know you!

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