Flip Out!
by Dave

Coin Flip Date
For this date you're going to throw yourselves at the mercy of chance by letting the flip of a coin decide the course of your date.

Start out by hopping in the car and driving off in any direction. When you approach the first traffic light or stop sign, flip a coin to decide whether you're turning right (heads) or left (tails). Keep going to see where you end up or stop to explore any fun or interesting spots you stumble across. Btw, it might get hectic flipping a coin at every intersection so feel free to go straight until every 2nd or 3rd light.

After finding something to do, you can keep up the flipping fun by letting the coin decide where to eat lunch. Do the coin flip driving trick again until you find a restaurant that looks good and then flip to see if you get to eat there, or if only one of you wants to eat there, flip for it!

You could also decide to flip for every decision that day. Want to see a movie? Each of you pick one and flip for it. Hungry for dessert? You know the drill!

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