Fly a Kite
by Dave

Couple Flying a Kite on their Date
I like this date idea because flying a kite isn't serious. There's no pressure. It's just the two of you running around, having fun in the sun. That's a pretty good start! The only catch is that the weather has to cooperate for this date to happen. If it does, that's great. If not, you should have a backup plan, which may just mean going to the same location and having a picnic and enjoying a walk instead of flying kites.

Now for the date, first off, think of a good spot to go fly. It should be open, uncrowded, breezy, and scenic. The beach is usually a pretty obvious choice because of the fairly consistent on-shore breezes, open space, and good views, but any open area will do. If you're unsure, try searching online for local kite clubs or kite shops in your area and ask them about the places kite enthusiasts go. Knowing where the pros fly will probably give you the best flying conditions, plus there may be some amazing kites to watch if you stick around to relax after flying. Wherever you decide to go, make sure it’s well away from power lines, roads, and airports.

Second, you'll need something to fly. Head down to the local superstore and pick up a normal single-line kite, or have some fun learning to fly a dual-line stunt kite. They're not that hard to fly and can be more interesting and challenging than a normal kite. It might be fun to have competitions to see who can do the first figure 8 or other shapes. The way it basically works is that you hold a handle in each hand and pull harder on the left line to make the kite go left and harder on the right to make it turn that direction. Pulling on one line and holding it there will make the kite flying in circles, relaxing and pulling the other will unwind the lines. Not exactly rocket science, but a little tricky until you get the feel for it.
You probably won't end up flying the kite for more than half an hour, or an hour if you're playing with a stunt kite. To occupy the rest of the time, bring along snacks like a bowl of berries, a piece of cake to share, cheese and crackers, a baguette and humus, a bottle of wine, or even a full picnic. This is another reason for choosing a scenic area, nice views while you eat and a good setting to take a walk afterwards.

If you want to try this date with a twist, try flying one at night! They sell kites with LEDs that you can launch on a windy night and convince the locals they're seeing a UFO. Or you could attach a few lightweight glowsticks to the kite. Just be extra careful about the nighttime locations and launching kites in the dark.

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Don't forget sunblock, hats, and water.


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