Frisbee Golf
by Dave

Couple on a Frisbee Golf Date
Frisbee golf is a great way to get outside and have fun playing around without the hefty greens fees, awkward bag of clubs, or frustration trying to hit a tiny ball. Everyone knows how to throw a Frisbee!

This date can be approached from two different angles, the official disc golf which is played at a managed course by throwing special discs into baskets, or you can grab a few Frisbees from the local store and head over to a park or beach and use your imagination. They can both be a lot of fun, it's all about who you are and what kind of mood you’re in.

The official version is just like regular golf except that instead of hitting balls into holes you're throwing discs into baskets. You tee off from a certain spot and try to reach the basket in a set number of strokes (throws) and, just like golf, you will probably have a lot of frustrating throws with the occasional great one mixed in. Disc golf uses special, smaller discs that fly a lot farther than regular Frisbees when thrown correctly and can be rented from the course pro shop. They'll offer you different versions for long and short distances, but just tell them you each want two beginner’s discs and no putters. You'll end up off-course at least a few times, so get bright orange or yellow discs as opposed to the blue, green and red ones which aren’t nearly as easy to spot. Disc golf is not respectable like real golf, actually it's kinda silly, which is exactly why you need to go out and give it a try. Unlike the stuffy atmosphere of golf, be prepared to see some interesting players on the course, but don't worry, they're usually friendly and you will be amazed at what some of them can do with a disc. Make sure to ask them for pointers!

The unofficial version involves any wide-open area and a few standard Frisbees. Once you get there, choose a landmark some distance away, like a tree or rock, and see how many throws you need to hit it. This will give you a basic idea of how many throws you need for certain distances. After that it's up to you! Take turns choosing "holes", the person choosing usually decides par, and play. If you're up for some friendly competition and wagering, bring along paper and pencil to keep score. Bet kisses or compliments on each hole, or for the entire round how about winner picks the restaurant or movie, get a massage, receives flowers or candy, or whatever. If the guy has an advantage because he throws farther, even things up with shorter holes, give him a one stroke handicap, or do what they do in regular golf and make him tee off 20 yards behind. Have fun with it, make him throw once per hole with his off-hand!

Frisbee golf is not for everyone and your date may have agreed to play just to make you happy, so try to keep an eye out for frustration or boredom. Play as long as you like with 9 holes, 18 holes, or just 5, it's up to you!

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If you're doing the non-disc golf thing, bring a picnic.


$0 at your local park
$5-$8 at a disc golf course

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