Halloween Dates
by Dave & Kat

Nightmare Before Christmas characters
You might be too old to go trick-or-treating but candy and cavities aren't the only ways to celebrate Halloween. We've put together a list of 10 great Halloween dates for you and your sweetheart that are guaranteed to get you into the spirit of the season!

  1. Haunted House

    Haunted houses are a favorite Halloween tradition. Whether they're well done or just plain cheesy, you and your date will enjoy the chance to get close and keep other safe. To find a haunted house or trail of terror near you look for farms, museums, historic sites or even community centers. If all else fails, invite your date to join you in the funhouse at the local carnival - nothing says creepy like finding yourself trapped in a hall of mirrors.

    Two zombies at a haunted house
  2. Horror Movie Marathon

    Whether you like slasher flicks, gross-outs, or suspense-filled terror, it's always fun to get freaked out with your date on Halloween. Pull out a blanket, dim the lights and snuggle up for a frightening film night. If you'd like to take your terror on the road, try the drive-in movie for two date just don't say we didn't warn you: slasher flicks are way scarier when you're outdoors.

    Michael Myers in Halloween
  3. Shop for Pumpkins and Carve em Up!

    Head out to the pumpkin patch with your date and pick up a few good ones for the holiday. You can carve out a masterpiece using fancy tools and online templates or just dig in with a few kitchen knives and your imaginations. As long as you're helping each other out and having fun, the results don't matter. For a yummy Halloween treat, clean off the leftover pumpkin seeds, stir them with a little melted butter or olive oil and spread them onto a cookie sheet. Sprinkle the seeds with a dash of salt and pepper or a blend of your favorite spices and roast them in the oven for 30-40 minutes. So good!

  4. Listen to a Scary Radio Broadcast

    Check out the classic radio broadcast date for ideas on loading an old radio show like Dracula into your iPod. Invite your date to join you somewhere dark and creepy (a cemetery maybe or an abandoned railroad track if you dare) to listen together. Add a touch of old school class with candles and bottle of wine.

  5. Ghost Stories Around the Fire

    Invite another couple to join you and your date for an evening of fireside storytelling. Head out to a secluded spot, light a fire and take turnings swapping ghost stories. Bring a spooky book or two along with you if you're storytelling skills aren't up to par and read aloud. Of course, if this was a movie you'd all be brutally murdered at the end of the evening - probably with your clothes off - but we're pretty sure you'll live to tell about it.

  6. Ghost Town

    Do you have any ghost towns or haunted cemeteries in your area? Take a look here or here to find out. If you do, head over with your date and a few friends (safety in numbers) for an evening of spooky surprises. Another idea is to book a guided ghost tour of your hometown or a nearby city.

  7. Costume Party

    It doesn't matter if you throw or go, but you should celebrate the big night by dressing up and having fun with your friends. Plan ahead to come up with some great couples' ideas. You can go as celebrities, rival superheroes or even M&Ms. Or, see if a local community group needs volunteers to help with their holiday party, haunted house or scarecrow contest. Volunteering can be a great way to get in the holiday spirit and feel like a kid again.

    Halloween party
  8. Host a Murder Mystery

    If costume parties aren't your thing, organize a murder mystery. This is another great idea for a group date that allows everyone to take part in solving a fictional murder. Each guest plays a specific character and you'll spend the evening following clues to find the murderer. If you don't want to host the party yourself, hire a professional to help you set up or book a table at your local dinner theater. You can also pick up a generic murder mystery kit or select a customized story.

  9. Make Caramel or Candy Apples

    Buy a few dozen apples and caramelize or candify them for your friends, neighbors or family members. If you're feeling particularly industrious, see if a local park, church or non-profit organization needs treats for their upcoming holiday party. Oftentimes, religious groups and after school programs host Halloween parties to keep kids from trick-or-treating in dangerous areas so you and your date can have a blast in the kitchen while helping out some disadvantaged kids in the process. You can pick up the easy wrap-on coatings at the grocery store, but why not melt the caramels yourselves and make your candied apples from scratch? (Sort of…) Here are some caramel and more caramel and candy apple recipes.

    Halloween caramel apples
    photo: Dave at Blogography
  10. Make Decorations for the House

    Remember when you were a kid and there was always that one, mysterious house that got completely decked out for Halloween? Scare the heck out of the kids in your neighborhood by turning your house into the scariest site on the block. Ask your sweetheart to help you decorate with witches, ghosts, monsters, cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and even sound effects or a fog machine. Dress up like scarecrows or fortune tellers to give candy away and be sure to stock up - with such a spooktacular set up, you'll be sure to have kids lined up around the block!

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