I Know You
by Dave

Couple has a Surprise Gift on their Romantic Date!
Do you know your date? No, I mean do you really know them? Have you been paying attention? Have you picked up on their interests and tastes, their hopes and dreams? The things they’ve always wanted to do and the things they say they want to do but really don't? Do you remember the time they said "I've always thought that would be fun!" but never really got around to it? Well then this is your time to shine! This is when you knock their socks off by surprising them not only with a date they want but a date they don't know you know they want! Got it? Okay, let's go!

For this date you will be figuring out an activity, a meal, a dessert, and a gift that your date has wanted but not gotten, at least for a while. That's pretty easy, right? First off, write down all of the fun things they've talked about doing but haven't. This shouldn't be anything you've done before, that's too easy! Make it completely new based on your conversations. Now write down the foods they like, the restaurants they've brought up, and the types of foods they've thought about trying, including desserts. Great, now make one last list of little (or not so little) gifts you know they want. Once you’ve put all the lists together, start by deciding which activity they would really enjoy. Don't think about how much you'd like it or trying to knock their socks off, just something they would truly enjoy doing. After you figure this out, it should make choosing the food a bit easier, and then pick a good gift.

Hopefully that was quick and fun. Now plan the time with your date and tell them not to ask questions -- it's a surprise! Just say you've figured out a date they'll like and they need to trust you. They can't make any suggestions during the date, this is all about you figuring it out for them. If you're eating at a restaurant, even try to guess which meal they'll want to eat and if your guess is right, order for them. Of course, you don't want them to suffer through the wrong meal just to please you, let them know it's okay to order something different if you blow it. And when the date is all over, find out how well you did. Tell your date to be honest -- you're going to be when it's your turn!

The Activity
This doesn't have to be something amazing like skydiving, the plan is to wow them with your knowledge. Here are some ideas that may help you get started:

  • Has she told stories about riding horses as a kid or mentioned that horses are her favorite animal? Maybe you should take her riding, schedule a lesson, or take her to a horse show or the races.
  • Is he hiking with friends in most of his photos? Has he complained that there's no place to get out and breathe in the city? Research some really great hiking spots within a few hours' drive and take him back to nature.
  • Is the heat getting to her? Has she ever wondered what it’s like to shoot the rapids? Find a nearby river and go whitewater rafting for the day, or even just float down on inner tubes. Maybe she likes a little risk and would enjoy sneaking into a 4-star hotel pool, or perhaps an hour on that slip-n-slide she used to have as a kid would make her day.
  • Does he drool when he sees a '68 corvette or an Aston Martin go by? Check to see if there's a car show in town or even think about renting a high-end car and driving up the coast or into the mountains for the day.
  • Has she mentioned a few times that she almost went surfing on vacation but it didn’t work out? Maybe it's time for a surf lesson, or if you aren't near the ocean perhaps surfing down sand dunes will work.
  • And the list goes on: off-roading, zip-lining, dance lessons, a certain band, live theater, the ballet, a day at the spa, a cooking class, bi-plane ride, you name it.

The Meal
This could be as simple as some of her special dishes for a picnic, his favorite barbeque ribs, or a night at that French restaurant she heard was amazing. Get in the right frame of mind and consider matching the meal with the activity.

  • Should it be casual or dressy? Which do they prefer?
  • Have they mentioned wanting to try a certain type of food like Indian, Thai, or sushi?
  • Is there a food they haven't tried but are interested in checking out?

This is the same thing as the meal-- get in their shoes and figure out if they'll be in the mood for cake and coffee or a scoop of ice cream at the beach. Would they like:

  • A cold dessert like a huge ice cream sundae or a thick milkshake?
  • Light and healthy like berries and cream?
  • Something chocolaty like a Marie Calendar's chocolate silk pie?
  • Maybe something more exotic like a Napoleon, creme brulee, or tiramisu with a cappuccino?

The Gift
As with the event, the point here is not to wow them with an extravagant gift, but to show them that you've been listening. Do they want:

  • A book she's always loved or has been thinking about reading?
  • His favorite movie on DVD or a new CD he's interested in?
  • A box of her favorite chocolates?
  • Vintage candy he used to eat like Pez or Pop Rocks?
  • A bouquet of her #1 flowers in the world?

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