Moonlight Cruise
by Dave

Couple Enjoying a Moonlight Cruise on a Lake with this Romantic Date Idea!
Moonlight. Nature's aphrodisiac. Imagine gently drifting upon a glassy lake while you sip wine, eat chocolate, and enjoy the endless beauty of the night sky. Now what if you had a date there too? Pretty great, huh? For this date you'll be going out on a moonlit ride in a rowboat, replete with candles, blanket, pillows, and maybe even a little cuddling.

First off you'll need to find someplace with good water, like a lake or reservoir, and a rowboat. Fortunately, many of these spots will have boats for rent (yay!). Unfortunately these places probably aren't set up to rent the boats out at night (boo!). There's not exactly a huge demand for nighttime boating and I'm guessing workers would rather be home eating dinner with their families than waiting for one boat to come in at midnight. So it looks like you may be using your charm on more than one person if this date's going to be successful! Or you might have to beg and slip them a few extra bucks. If it's an issue, just explain what you have planned and that you will assume liability for the boat and lock it up when you're finished. If they continue to resist let them know they have a heart of coal and are ruining your chances for love.

When you arrive, it's important to prepare the boat so that you're not jostling around when out on the water. Rowboats can be a little dirty and damp, bring a few thick beach towels to lie along the bottom, and a blanket to put on top of those. Many states have laws requiring lights on boats at night, and for that you’ll be using candles! Even if there isn't a law, candles are romantic and make it easy to see whatever snacks you bring along. Secure a few tealight candles to the edges of the boat by dripping melted wax and pressing the candles onto it. This will make it easy to light the candles when you've stopped rowing. If you don't like the idea of small candles on the rails, you can always place some larger ones in the bow. Bring a few pillows along so that you can sit on the bottom of the boat and comfortably lean back against one of the seats. Also, if your state has a law about nighttime lighting, use a flashlight until you get where you want and then fire up the candles!

Try to steer clear of complicated food or drinks, instead choosing finger foods like dark chocolate, strawberries, grapes, a baguette or French bread for dipping, cheese, a thermos of hot cocoa, etc. When you return to the dock, remember to pop off any hardened wax with your car keys or credit card, and use the towels to briskly rub off the remaining wax.

If the idea of a moonlit paddle is more interesting than the cuddling and snacking, forget all the extras and just go for a row, maybe renting kayaks or a canoe.

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You'll Need

Blanket (2 if it's cold)
A few thick towels
Candles (with hurricane holders if windy)
Lighter or matches
Bug Spray


Boat rental $15-$30


Current Phase of the Moon
Wind forecast

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