Now I Know My ABCs
by Dave

Couple jumping for the letter J on their alphabet date
Are you imaginative? Great! You'll need to be as you work your way through 26 spontaneous, fun, and silly activities all on one date! Why 26, you ask? Well, that's the number of letters in the alphabet and your job is to figure out something to do for each one!

So this is how it works, over the course of the date you'll each take turns picking things to do for the letters A thru Z. For example, if you pick being Acrobatic for "A", then it's your date's turn to choose something for "B" like Breakdancing or a water Balloon fight. Get it? Besides that there aren't really any rules to this thing, you can go anywhere and do anything, be it a simple Jumping as high as you can for "H" or trying to get up onto a Rooftop for "R". Which brings up a good point, not every letter has to be a big, spectacular event. You won't have time for that anyway. No, some of the best ones can simply be Holding Hands or talking about your Dreams for the future. Here are some random examples for the first few letters:

  • A = be Acrobatic, make some Art, pet an Animal, look at a photograph by Ansel Adams, drink Apple juice, act like Apes.
  • B = Breakdance, ride Bikes, Boil an egg, Build a fort, Blow up a Balloon, play Basketball, see who can Bark like a dog.
  • C = Climb a tree, bake Cookies, make a Crank Call, sing Christmas Carols, Clap your hands, play Cards.
  • D = name the 7 Dwarves, play Darts, kiss behind the Drapes, take a Dip in the pool, talk about your Dreams, take a Door off its hinges.
  • E = ride in an Elevator, read an Excerpt from your favorite book, Enter a contest, see who can list the most famous people whose name starts with an "E", learn how to say "Hello" in Egyptian.
  • If you get stumped think of general activities like music (listen to or sing favorite songs), travel (to streets or stores), eating, and playing sports.

There are also some fun variations to the game, one being that the person who doesn't pick the activity has to do it, which can make for some interesting situations. And then there's the one I like where you still work together, but each get 3 passes for activities you don't want to do. What happens is that you still alternate letters, but after the activity is picked you each have the option of saying "Pass!" which means the other person has to do that one by themselves. It's fun when one person says "For the letter S I choose Striptease" (it'll be the guy), and you see who can "Pass!" the fastest because only one person can pass on each letter. But remember, you only get 3 Passes for the entire alphabet, so don't waste them cuz I'd hate to see you end the date trying to pet a Zebra!

I've also heard that the sexy version of this game can be a lot of fun, but I won't get into that.

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"L" is in the middle of the alphabet, which makes it a good time to break for Lunch.

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