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by Dave & Kat

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How would you like someone else to plan your next date for you? We're talking about the entire thing from start to finish: scouting out a new restaurant, making reservations, booking tickets for a great show or comedy act, sorting out your transportation and maybe even finding a secluded spot for some late night romance.

Now before you think you're going to have to register with some sort of matchmaking service and fork over hundreds of dollars, relax. Not only is your personal date planner going to plan your next romantic rendezvous completely free of charge but they will thank you for letting them do it. No foolin'. For you this means no hassle, no work, just an evening of fun and surprises for you and your sweetheart.   

Sound too good to be true? It's not. And the good news is you already know your personal date planner. In fact, you probably have them on speed dial. All you need to do is call up a favorite friend or couple and ask them to plan the perfect date based on what they already know about you and your partner. In exchange, you'll offer to do the same for them next week. Then you can sit back, relax and await your instructions.

How it Works

To get started, ask your selected date planner to plan a night out for you and your significant other. Give them a budget to work with for the night (i.e. under $100 or $200) and let them decide exactly how to spend it. Maybe they'll find an amazing new Brazilian restaurant you haven't tried, a concert for an up-and-coming local band or an exclusive wine tasting.

Once they've planned the date, they'll give you a dress code for the evening and a stack of envelopes. Each one should be labeled with a specific time to open it, and the details inside will explain the next part of your date.

Envelopes for each part of your date

For example, they can start with an envelope that says "Open this when you get home from work." Inside it reads "Slip into your favorite little black dress and grab a cab downtown. When you pass First St. open the next envelope to tell the driver where to drop you off."

Open envelope with dinner plans for your surprise date

While you wait for dessert to arrive at the restaurant your friend has selected, you get to open the next envelope. This one might send you to the theatre for a play or off to the stadium for a football game. After that, you open the last envelope, which directs you to a chic after-hours club or a cozy nook for canoodling over hot chocolate.

If your friend is especially creative, they could stash a package in the trunk of your car with strict instructions not to open it until the end of the night. Inside, you'll find a picnic blanket and bottle of wine with directions to a secluded beach where Lord only knows what they expect to happen.

The sky's the limit, so encourage your friend to put on their thinking cap and go nuts. After all, you'll be doing the same for them the next time around!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Ask them to choose a favorite eatery that you've never been to.
  • Take a look at some restaurant reviews, pick five or six you'd like to try and let your friend make the final call.


  • Traditional: a concert, game, play, or other live event
  • Invigorating: an outdoor adventure such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or a bonfire
  • Romantic: a couples massage, a hot air balloon ride, a moonlit walk on the beach or a night of dancing
  • Quirky: a scavenger hunt to explore a new city or neighborhood
  • Educational: a class in wine tasting, ceramics painting or photography
  • Fun: a round of mini golf or go karts, or even a few hours at the arcade
  • Tasty: an amazing dessert or coffee shop, or maybe a few specialty drinks

Late Night Fun

  • Ask your friend to put together one of our Menu of Love or Red Light District menus for your entertainment (don't tell them what you bought)
  • Make reservations at a nice hotel, a romantic B&B, or even a cheesy theme hotels

Have fun! But don't forget to ask your friend to include any important instructions or driving directions in the envelopes. Enjoy the chance to let someone else do the planning and see who can impress the other couple the most!

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