10 Great Rainy Day Date Ideas
by Dave & Kat

Couple walking in the rain on their date
Depending on your mood, a rainy day can either send you running for cover or out into the open to enjoy the storm. Here are some date ideas in the rain to help you make the most of your time together, whichever path you choose.

  1. One Big Slip 'n' Slide

    A rainy day can put a damper on your plans but not if you view the world as one big slip 'n' slide! Grab your rain gear and head over to a park with rolling, grassy hills. Once you reach the top, get a good running start and see how far you can slide! Bring along a few trash bags if you need extra slipperiness. And don't forget to pack a change of dry clothes for the ride home.
  2. Cuddle Next to a Fire

    Nature's given you the perfect excuse to stay inside and snuggle up next to a crackling fire - take advantage of it! In fact, it would be almost rude not to. Don't forget the s'mores and hot cocoa. And grab a quilt to keep warm (unless you have some other ideas for generating heat).
  3. Bowling

    Bowling's fun on a normal day, but it's definitely near the top of our list for rainy day activities. So grab an umbrella and head to the local bowling alley with your date. Just try not to think about who (or what) was in your rental shoes before you.
  4. Skating

    Like bowling, skating moves up the list a few notches when your outdoor options are limited. Spend an hour or two at the local ice or roller rink and be sure to treat yourselves to a few snacks while you're there - you're already burning calories.
  5. Coffee Shop Games

    Your local coffee shop can be a great place to sit and watch the rain come down, especially if you're going stir crazy staying home. Find a cafe that has a large deck or a covered outdoor seating area and bring along a game of Scrabble, cribbage or a pack of cards to pass the time. Enjoy your lattes!
  6. Museum

    A cold, wet day provides the perfect opportunity for a stroll through the local art, science or history museum. But consider yourself warned: you and your date won't be the only ones with this idea. If you're hoping to catch a special exhibit, call ahead to reserve your tickets and plan on a little extra time to compensate for crowds.
  7. Laser Tag

    Plenty of energy but not in the mood to get wet? Spend the day hunting your fellow humans at a laser tag arena! Invite some friends and team up for guys vs. girls or join forces with your partner to defeat the competition. Add your own sound effects for maximum enjoyment.
  8. Games, Games, Games

    Monopoly and Clue or any other of your favorite board games can be a great source of entertainment when the skies are gray. Spend the day lounging around the house, drinking cocoa, and working your way through that old closet full of games. If you're not into board games, try an edgier get-to-know-you session with your date like 20 Questions or Truth or Dare.
  9. Paint Ceramics

    Channel your inner Van Gogh at the local ceramics studio. Van Gogh wasn't a sculptor but don't worry, you don't have to sculpt either if you don't want to. Instead, select a set of mugs or bowls and paint them up with your partner - they'll be perfect for hot cocoa or soup the next time you're stuck in the rain. More ceramics date tips here.
  10. A Walk in the Rain

    Inclement weather didn't stop Gene Kelly in the 1952 classic Singin' in the Rain, and it won't stop you either! The human body is pretty much watertight anyway, so what's all the fuss about? Put on your rain gear (or not) and go for a walk. Challenge your date to a game of puddle jumping to see who can make the biggest splash.

Honorable Mention

Movie Marathon
This is the perfect time to catch a double feature at the local googleplex (by sneaking into the second film of course), or have a movie marathon in the comfort of your own home. The home theater option is fun because you can order pizza or Chinese and stream movies of your choice without having to venture out into the rain. Try some of these movies for him or her. You can even watch an entire season of your favorite TV show or plan a theme night. (Kung fu anyone?)

Video Games
Rainy days are the perfect time to pretend you're back in college. And what better than an afternoon of guilt-free video gaming? Head-to-head or cooperative, these are fun just about any time.

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