Ride Segways
by Dave

Couple riding segways on their date
A Segway Personal Transporter is, without a doubt, one of the funnest ways to go sightseeing with your date. When most people first see one they think, "You've gotta be kidding me, I can't balance on that!" And yeah, they do look about as stable as a pogo stick, but Segways are completely self-balancing and really easy to ride. How it works is you just lean in the direction you want to go and the vehicle takes you there. It sounds weird, I know, but once you get on one you'll understand. And they’re really fun, too; some people describe it like gliding or flying because the ride is so smooth. So what can these things do? Well, they cruise around at up to 12.5 mph, although beginners are generally held to 6 mph until they get comfortable. There are off-road and street versions available with a range of 16-24 miles depending on the terrain, and they’re also battery-operated, which means you’ll be having an eco-friendly date!

There are two different slants on a Segway adventure: take a guided tour or rent them and cruise around town on your own. Both options have pluses and negatives. With a tour you're generally locked into a set route, which limits your freedom a little, but remember the tour company has been doing this for a while and chose that route because they know it's fun. Also, you have a guide on-hand to give pointers, talk about what you're seeing, and deal with any issues that may arise. Rentals, on the other hand, provide complete freedom but you may end up missing things or wasting time figuring out where to go. I don't think you can really lose with either, just consider the differences before choosing. Also, don't worry about hitting the road without knowing how to ride, shops provide a 15-minute lesson for beginners.

If you go the rental route it's basically like renting a car, you'll need a driver license and valid credit card. It may be a problem for riders under 21 years of age to rent Segways, ask about age requirements when calling to reserve.

This video shows some training and off-road riding, plus I love the weird, kinda Middle Eastern electronica soundtrack!

This video isn't in English, but provides a good look at beginners playing with the Segways and getting used to riding around.

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