Second Date Ideas
by Dave

Couple kayaking on their second date
You learned a lot about each other on the first date, probably exchanged a few texts in between, and now you're ready for date #2. Excited? Good!

Even though there was lots of great conversation on the first date, you should still be in screening mode a little bit for the 2nd date. Let's face it, you were both on your best behavior last time so let's see who cracks first!

A good general rule for second date ideas is to mix it up a little and do the opposite of what you did on the first one. This means if you dressed up and went out wine tasting last time, head outside for some fun in the sun at a theme park or the local go kart track. On the other hand, if you went hiking on the first date, try something more relaxed like seeing a local band or comedy club. Let's find out how your date behaves in different settings.

If you haven't gone through it yet, there are tons of great suggestions on our big list of first date ideas, but here's a new one of entirely different 2nd date ideas that should be perfect for your next outing.

Active Second Date Ideas

  1. Learn It Together
    Work together to create a delicacy on your next date by taking a cooking class at your favorite restaurant or cooking school. Or if you're the active types, how about a sailing or surfing lesson? Whatever you choose, it's a great opportunity to learn a new skill together that might become a passion. If that passion happens to be booze (been there), try a cocktail-making class!

  2. Find Hidden Treasure
    Do you two have an adventurous side? All it takes is a few GPS-enabled phones to go hunting for hidden treasure with an afternoon of geocaching. The treasure's not much to talk about but you'll have fun looking for it anyway.

  3. Pick Your Own Fruit
    No matter what time of year, something's waiting to get picked somewhere. Take a drive out to a local farm and spend an hour picking the perfect strawberries, apples, peaches, or whatever else gets you going. While you're there, take a walk around the grounds and have a picnic. See our U Pick Fruit date for more tips.

  4. Theme Park
    If you're lucky enough to live near a theme park (say within 45 minutes), then what are you waiting for? Go have fun chomping down churros and hot dogs then bringing them right back up after a ride on the Big Spinner!

  5. Take a Segway Tour
    Rent a few of those Segway personal transports and go cruising around the city. If you want to learn about your city, book a guided tour and follow along. A good source tells me this was one of the funnest dates he's been on.

  6. Get Wet
    Rent kayaks or a canoe and take a paddle around the nearest lake or bay. Bring along some snacks and relax on the shore when you're done.

  7. Rock Climbing
    Indoor rock climbing gyms love to get beginners hooked on climbing! While not a great second date idea for doughy daters, the gym will have plenty of beginners' routes the rest of us can enjoy. At the very least you can say you tried!

  8. Go Karts
    If you're speed freaks, spend an hour at the go kart track. Guys, please note that your date will not laugh when you put them into the wall. Girls, your date'll love it!

  9. Volunteer
    Showcase your generous side by suggesting an afternoon helping local animals (maybe an animal shelter), cleaning up a beach or hiking trail, or helping the less fortunate at a soup kitchen. Plenty of good karma here.

  10. Go to the Snow
    If you live in or near snow country, take a trip to the mountains for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Wrong season? How about waterskiing or a waverunner?

  11. Whack it!
    Whether you’ve played golf before or not, a trip to the driving range can be a fun, and sometimes embarrassing, experience.

Casual Second Dates

  1. Local Music Scene
    Did you two hit it off musically on the first date? Then watching a promising local band at a bar or club can be one of the best second date ideas you've had. The band might be terrible but sometimes that's half the fun!

  2. Haunted House
    Evidence of life after death is as close as the nearest haunted tour. Plus, fear has been positively correlated with arousal, so there's that too.

  3. Watch a game
    Football and baseball games can be fun, but everybody's done that. Be creative by taking your date to watch an unusual sport like polo, rugby, lacrosse, roller derby, or even ultimate Frisbee (greatest athletes in the world). The upside is that these are a lot less expensive than pro sports and there’s usually room to spread out a blanket and eat while you watch.

  4. Take a Drive
    This could be as simple as going the scenic route to a nearby town for lunch or a drive up the coast for a picnic on the beach. It's a great way to share your favorite music and talk.

  5. Get Artsy
    There are little paint-your-own ceramics shops all over the place these days. Drop by one for an hour or so and customize a mug or bowl. Do a good job and you'll love the thing for years. (the bowl that is)

  6. Wine Tasting
    In our list of first date ideas we talked about tasting wines at a local wine shop. Now that you're more familiar with each other, maybe a drive out to wine country doesn't sound so scary? Check out some nearby vineyards and find your own special brand!

  7. Chinatown
    Most Chinatowns are bursting with little restaurants and businesses selling dodgy "brands" and outright junk. Go there and experience an entirely different culture right next door.

  8. Laugh it Up
    Compare your brands of humor at a local comedy club or, even better, try a comedy troupe at the local college - those can be awful.

  9. Ride It
    Take a train or ferry ride to a nearby area for lunch. Bring along a deck of cards for entertainment or take turns swapping your favorite music.

  10. It's Time to Van Gogh
    I bet you haven't been to the museum or explored any art galleries in a while (ever?). As far as 2nd date ideas these can be impressive with a stroll through some interesting exhibits before a swank dinner.

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