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by Dave

Couple on a Date Sharing Music at the Beach
This is a very simple date idea where you can learn a lot about your date's musical tastes (and what concert suggestions to expect in the future). The basic idea is for you to each put ten of your current, or all-time favorite songs on an mp3 player or CD and take turns listening to the other’s picks. It's a great way to pass the time because you'll have something to do but will mostly just be sitting there talking. Which is perfect because it's all about getting to know each other, right?

It will take about an hour to get through twenty songs, so find a comfortable spot and bring along snacks and a drink. Make sure you're each creative with the music you choose - don't just bring a favorite CD. You can even make a rule to bring no more than two songs from any CD or group.

Help your date learn something about you by telling them what you like about the songs, what experiences they remind you of, how they make you feel, what they make you want to do (dance, kiss, jump up and down, cry), or whatever. Don't forget to ask your date's opinions too!

Good places to listen:

  • The beach (day or night)
  • A park
  • In front of a fire
  • In a parked car with a nice view
  • In bed
  • The woods
  • A deserted parking lot
  • An open meadow

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