Snow Dates
by Dave & Kat

Couple Enjoying a Fun Date in the Snow!
With your neighborhood blanketed in a fresh coat of snow, you and your date might find yourselves going a bit stir-crazy. Is there's anything to do besides watching another movie or holing up at the local coffee shop? Fortunately there is, and a snowstorm can be the perfect time to create some new memories with that special someone in your life.

We've put together a list of ten great snow day dates, so don't fight the snow, embrace it! And when you're freezing your tails off during an afternoon of outdoor fun, you’ll have the perfect excuse to cozy up together in front of a crackling fire afterward.

  1. Moonlight Snowshoe Walk

    Rent a pair of snowshoes for the afternoon from an outdoor company like REI. Find a nice quiet spot for a nighttime walk, such as a meadow or forest. Use the link to the right to plan your trek during a full moon so you’ll be able to see your way in the snow. Bring along a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee and some sweet chocolate treats to enjoy along the way.
  2. Dog Sled Ride

    For a unique experience unlike any other, treat your sweetheart to a dogsled ride. Many companies offer recreational dog sledding so do a little research to find one near year. Rides can last anywhere from one hour to all-day and you’ll learn about dogs, sledding techniques, and the history of the sport. Plus, who can resist a team of dogs in snow boots? If dog sledding isn’t available near you, see if you can book a horse-drawn sleigh instead.
  3. Make Your Own Ice Cream

    Did you know you can make your very own ice cream from a handful of snow? Start out with a large bowl of clean white snow, one cup of evaporated or whole milk (we prefer evaporated), one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup sugar. Pour the milk into a chilled bowl and mix in the snow in until you get the desired consistency. When it's just right, mix in the vanilla and sugar and it’s ready to eat! Spice things up with additional flavors or add some crunch with crushed candy bars or fruit. You can even substitute eggnog for the milk around Christmas.

    For an easier snack, try snow cones. Pick up some flavored syrup from the store or make it yourself with two cups of sugar, one cup water and a package of Kool-Aid powder. Bring the ingredients to a boil in a medium saucepan then chill and add you snow. Click here for further instructions.

  4. Paint the Snow

    Indulge your inner artist with a painting that will last for just a day. Pack a few spray bottles full of water and food coloring before you head out, then find a large spot of undisturbed snow to create your masterpiece. You can make your paintings in a public place for others to enjoy and if it’s around the holidays, consider adding some festive touches. Remember to incorporate a walkway or two into your designs so that you can paint the entire area and get back out when you’re done. Best painting wins a back rub!
  5. A New Twist on the Classic Snowman

    Sure, snowmen are a bit cliché, but they can be a lot of fun if you build one together or have a contest to see who can make the best one. We love those horrific snow scenes Calvin used to create.

    Calvin and Hobbes snow scene

    Calvin and Hobbes snow shark attack

    If death-and-destruction isn’t your thing, try painting your snow man with spray bottles filled with water and a few drops of food coloring. The funniest or best-themed snowman wins a cup of cocoa!

  6. Snow Football

    It's still football season so get some friends together for a game of football in the snow! Mark the field and end zones using spray bottles with water and food coloring. For powderpuff football, mark a line across the middle of the field; each team gets four attempts to move the ball over the midfield line for a touchdown. If your team fails to score, punt to the other team for their four tries. Repeat until someone gets hurt.

    If football isn't your cup of tea, try a friendly game of broomball instead. Grab a few brooms and a tennis ball and head out to an empty cul-de-sac. The rules are similar to hockey: just pick a few "goals" and have fun! Get some friends together or play 1-on-1.

  7. Hit the Ice

    Ice skating is available year-round at indoor rinks but there’s something special about skating outdoors at on a frozen lake or pond. Some cities even set up outdoor rinks in large parking lots! Bring along some hot cider to keep warm, and don’t forget to take a break to watch the other skaters strut their stuff.
  8. Ice Fishing

    Look online for a park or frozen lake in your area that offers ice fishing. Reserve a private shed, pack and lunch, and try your luck at catching your very own dinner! While you're waiting you’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another better, and you’ll have a wonderful dinner to look forward to.
  9. Hit the Slopes

    If you’re lucky enough to live near a ski resort, invite your partner to join you for a day on the slopes. If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing, head your local ski resort anyway. Find a cozy corner in the lodge, grab some coffee and watch the snowboarders on the half-pipe strut their stuff. You can also try tubing; many resort offer sledding options or you can find a hill closer to home and bring your own.
  10. Photo Shoot

    Snow provides a great backdrop for photographs and a romp through your neighborhood will give with you the perfect, healthy glow for your photo shoot! Grab your camera and spend the afternoon capturing the delights of the season. You can even rent a snowmobile to cover more ground.

Have some favorite snow dates of your own? Add them to the suggestions below!

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