Spring Dates
by Dave

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Around this time of year we're all feeling like winter's gotten a little old (maybe a lot) and it's time to welcome back the warm weather. For many people this means getting outside and enjoying nature after all those months of being stuck indoors, so for this page I’m going to pretty much just focus on outdoorsy dates.

Those Bloomin Flowers
That's right, flowers are in bloom all over the place - you can take a nice drive out to the country and have a picnic among the wildflowers, spend a few hours at the botanical garden, or tour a local flower farm for a bit. Looking for wildflowers is fun, free, and a little more unusual so it’s my pick of the three. Check your local paper or state park web sites for when and where they’re blooming.

Park It
You've spent the past 3 months playing video games, watching TV, and reading anything remotely interesting. Well, it's time to get out there and stretch your legs! Plan a trip to your local state park for a day of hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing. Pick a spot where you can relax, enjoy the scenery, and have a picnic when you're done.

Go Geocaching
I'm going to tuck this one up under the hiking date because geocaching is really just hiking with a little hide-and-seek thrown in at the end. If you choose some good spots from the geocaching website these can be a great way to discover neat areas around town.

Get Dirty
One way to get back to nature is by digging in the dirt and planting your favorite fruits (strawberries), veggies, flowers, or any other plant you feel like raising to enjoy later on in the summer. Stop by the nursery and pick out some fun seeds together for the garden or flowerbox.

Take me out to the Ball Park
Along with springtime returns America's favorite sport –baseball! Head over to the ball park for hot dogs, soda, and an afternoon of cheering the home team. The obvious choice is tickets to a pro game, but think about supporting your local college and high school teams, or putting together a pickup game of softball at a nearby park with friends and family. Those of you who are really into it may even want to look into spring training.

Cruise the Town
Rent a tandem bike to spend the afternoon riding around and seeing what’s happening in the area. Think about some of the more interesting or scenic areas to see before stopping for lunch at a locally-owned café or coffee shop.

Babies at the Zoo
It’s not just the plants that renew themselves this time of year but the animals at your local zoo too. Stop by to see a new generation of lions, monkeys, and bears taking their first steps in the world.

Horseback Riding
Speaking of animals, why not book a tour at a nearby farm and take the horses out for some exercise? Find one that offers flexible routes and is located in a scenic area away from the city. You could also learn real horsemanship by signing up for a series of lessons at a ranch or equestrian school.

Go Fly a Kite
Pack up a picnic and head down to the beach, a remote meadow, or grassy hill for an afternoon of relaxing, eating, talking, and maybe even flying that kite for a bit.

Hit the Road
When the green is really starting to sprout up in your area, plan a scenic daytrip into the country, one where you can enjoy the drive as much as the destination. Maybe a spot with wildflowers, lush green forests, or just a remote lake or beach where you can have a picnic.

Burn Meat
What says spring like the tangy, sweet smell of meat roasting on a BBQ? Get a group of friends together for a big party or just plan a small event for two. Frisbee, beer,

Gaze into the Heavens
Get away from the light pollution you find in populated areas and experience the majesty of an infinite night sky with stargazing. Bring a few blankets and some hot cocoa to keep warm!

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