Summer Dates
by Dave

Couple at the beach in the summer
Summertime is finally here – warm weather, long days at the beach, and people running around in skimpy outfits. If you were lucky enough to hook up with one of those hotties but are running out of date ideas, try a few of these:

Watch it Outdoors
This time of the year brings a slew of great movies to local parks and other outdoor areas. They're generally sponsored by the community and are free, or pretty darn cheap.

Nighttime Drive
Roll the windows down, turn the music up, and take a nice long cruise through those country back roads. When you're tired of driving, pull over, throw down a blanket, and enjoy a bottle of wine under the open night sky.

Extreme Summer
This is the summer to do one of those adrenaline-charged activities you've been thinking about! Look around for a place to try zip lining, skydiving, cliff diving, bungee jumping, or just regular ole paintball together. Couples bond when they're terrified. It's a scientific fact.

Homemade Water Park
Who wants to deal with all the crowds and costs of a big water park? With a little imagination, you and your friends can make a low-cost water park at home! Set up a Slip 'n Slide in the back yard, along with a few blow-up baby pools, and plenty of water balloons, squirt guns, and toys! You could even come up with some watery competitions between couples.

Concert in the Park
It's not just movies, lots of concerts are happening at your local parks and other outdoor venues during the summer. Check the local paper for listings and don't forget a blanket and snacks.

Summertime Sports
Whether you're watching or playing, there are tons of great sports going on in the summer. They may not be the biggies like football or baseball, but polo, beach volleyball, and tennis can be a lot of fun to watch because you've probably never seen them before. Unique is good!

Road Trip
No matter where you live there's probably something more interesting going on somewhere else. This is a constant. Go there with a road trip to a national park, beach, or hotspot like New York or Vegas.

The Summer of '11
Everyone has mementos from certain times in their lives, so why not make one together commemorating the summer of 2011? Pick up some white t-shirts and spend the afternoon tie dying them with your favorite colors.

Beach Bonfire
Share stories and s'mores around a crackling fire by yourselves or with a group of friends. Call ahead if you want to bring drinks or pets.

Warm Summer Nights
With the warm summer weather upon us it's the perfect time to enjoy late night outdoor activities like a moonlit walk or stargazing.

County Fair
Fairs are all over the place in the summer and are a great spot to play games, ride rides, and try ridiculously unhealthy food.

Night Swimming
The nights are warm but you can keep cool with a late-night swim in the ocean, lake, or pool. Add some excitement to the experience by sneaking into a hotel pool or nearby condo complex. Suits are optional.

Head out to your favorite spot and spend the night enjoying fresh air, chatting by the fire, and then dozing off to the crickets playing their tiny violins.

Midnight Movies
Summer is the season for Hollywood blockbusters; be the first ones to see the next big thing with a midnight showing.

Take a long ride around town with a final stop at your local ice cream shop, or head out to the wilderness for some mountain biking. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and sunblock.

Everyone's supposed to BBQ at least once during the summer, I think it's a law or something. Head to the beach and reserve a pit or pull the Webber out in the back yard. Doesn't matter where you go just so long as there's plenty of blackened meat.

Learn a Summer Sport
Pick up a seasonal sport this summer with surfing, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, or kite surfing lessons.

Make a Summery Treat
Have you ever made ice cream with just a few Ziploc bags, milk, sugar, salt, and ice? It's a lot of fun on a hot day and sooo tasty. Not for you? Then how about some fresh lemonade?

Go Fly a Kite
This one's a classic. Pick up a cheap kite and head to an open area on a windy day. Bring along a picnic to make an afternoon of it.

Get Wet
To survive a hot summer you may have to spend some time in the water. Some fun watery activities that you can do together are boating, jet skiing, sailing, surfing, floating down a river on rafts or inner tubes, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, or scuba. Phew.

Ice Blocking
Do you have any grassy hills nearby? Pick up a few ice blocks and go spend some time riding them down the hill. Don't forget towels to sit on, ice is still cold in the summertime.

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