Surprise Massage
by Dave

Woman getting a surpise massage
This is a great idea for couples who are on fairly intimate terms, but probably not something you want to pull out on a second or third date. That is unless you don't want a third or fourth. The basic idea is to invite your date over for something boring, like a movie, and then surprise them with a candlelit massage, nice music, and maybe even strawberries, chocolate, or champagne!

To get things set up, place some candles around the room, lay a sheet out on the floor or bed (have an extra nearby), wash the strawberries and put them in a bowl, and make sure the room is warm. You may also want to burn a scented candle or two for that little extra touch. When your date arrives, ask them to help you out with something in the other room for a minute. They should crack a big smile when they see the candles burning and hear the real plan for the evening. Give them a big kiss, the fun's about to begin!

This brings us to the one iffy part of the date - undressing for the massage. Your date will need to at least strip down to their underwear and it's up to you how they get there. The safe approach is to leave the room so that they can freshen up, undress, and be waiting under the sheet when you get back. But how fun is safe? If you're up to the risk, just smile and start undressing them yourself. But remember that not everyone is comfortable with their body in a lit room, so think about it before you start tearing clothes off. Oh yeah, turn off the phones.

The massage is great by itself, but can be even more fun if you get into the surprise aspect of it. Here are some ideas:

  • Drop off a box at their work the day of your date with just one strawberry or piece of chocolate and a simple note like "See you at 7:00". Don’t mention big surprises or what a great night you have planned because you’re only watching a movie, right? This will probably get them wondering and they may ask why you sent the gift, but be dodgy and respond with something like "You don't like strawberries?" Let them wonder what’s happening. If you can’t send or drop something off, try emailing them your note with an image. It's not as romantic, but everyone gets busy and it's better than nothing.
  • Greet your date at the door by putting a finger to their lips, leaning in close and whispering "Shhhh" in their ear, then lead them to the room. Don't spoil the silence by talking; when they see the setup lean in close and whisper into their ear "Have a drink/strawberry, get undressed and lie under the sheet, I’ll be back in 5 minutes."
  • Get a little edgier by leading your date to the room so that they can see the candles and what you have in store, and then put a blindfold or sleeping mask on them. Now you can feed your date strawberries, chocolate, or champagne, and undress them yourself. When blindfolded, your date's other senses will be heightened; try lightly rubbing their body with a rose. Let them smell it by slowly moving the rose over their lips. The blindfold version requires a lot of trust, don’t do anything weird.
The Massage
To keep your date from getting cold, make sure the sheet is covering the parts you're not working on. A good massage lasts about an hour and your hands should be nice and soft. Groom your nails, and if your hands feel a little rough, soak them in warm water for a few minutes. Afterward do a light scrubbing with a mixture of sugar and cooking oil until they feel soft, and then wash and apply lotion. Remember that you don't have to give a perfect massage, your date should enjoy it regardless, but try to have a few basics down. Check out the following video for massage tips and basic technique. After you've picked up a few pointers, practice by closing your eyes and massaging your own neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Find a strength that feels good and then focus on how you're using your hands to get that amount of pressure. Also, remember that not everyone enjoys the same style, so ask them a few times towards the beginning if they like it harder or softer. Don't worry about memorizing everything, if you get lost just start at the head and work your way down to the feet, flip them over and go back up to the head. When you see a muscle group, rub and knead it a bit. After you've finished, gently remove the oil with a soft towel.

As for the strawberries, chocolate, or whatever you choose - be sparing. Throughout the experience, they’ll be relaxing on their stomach or back, neither of which are great for eating or drinking. The point is not to feed the person a meal, but to keep a nice flavor in their mouth. Give them one or two pieces before you start, when they flip over, and maybe one or two other times during the massage.

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If your date was expecting dinner, have something simple prepared for afterwards. Maybe some cheese and crackers, fruit, or veggies.

You'll Need

Massage oil
Strawberries, chocolate, champagne, etc
2 clean sheets - 1 to lie on, the other to cover
Sleeping mask or blindfold (very optional)

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