The Story that Never Was
by Dave

Couple on a Fictional Date
The main purpose of this date is to provide a creative way for you to go out and take a bunch of pictures together. The basic idea is to make up a story, any story, and take photos of yourselves as if you were actually living it, then write up descriptions as if the story actually happened. For example, maybe this is the day you played a round of golf with Tiger Woods or made contact with aliens at your local park. Take pictures of the major plot points and try to get photos of you together. Learn how to set your camera's timer and look around for a tripod or somewhere to set the camera for shots. Feel free to add celebrities or other items to your pictures, the worse quality the better! Take plenty of ridiculous photos, the date's supposed to be silly, have fun with it!

When you're done taking photos, it's time to go home and tell the story. You can add the text onto the digital photos, or print them out and handwrite the descriptions next to the photos. Be specific, how did you feel when the alien told you his people had been stealing our socks for hundreds of years? Once you're done with the captions, wrap it up at the end "And that's how we won the siamese twins team championship at Wimbledon in 2009!"

Creative Ideas

  • Travelling Abroad
    Remember that trip to New Zealand where you two were swimming and discovered a stash of gold coins (chocolate)? What about the treasure map you found in Bolivia that led to rings with huge gems (candy)?
  • Pet Tales
    Did your dog Rufus learn how to drive, on a stick shift no less! Can he fish too? How much did your goldfish pay you to take him to the pet store so he could flirt with the babes in tank #2?
  • A Big Discovery
    Is that an alien (action figure) over there behind those rocks? I wonder what he wants. Did you discover the never-before-seen yellow-backed pygmy bear (teddy) in the woods near your house? I can't believe you learned to communicate using ESP, what were you two saying in that picture?
  • Sports
    Did you beat Tiger Woods at this year’s Masters tournament? Where did you learn how to dunk like that?
  • Celebrities
    It's weird that Brad and Angelina asked you to have lunch with them, but they sure were nice. I wish they hadn't stiffed you on the bill though!

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