Third Date Ideas
by Dave

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Things are going well, you've learned a little about each other, and now it's time to start getting closer on your third date! Sure some people get plenty close on the first two dates but I think the third date is a better time to start thinking about that stuff. Call me old school.

What's that? The third date rule? Yeah yeah, someone always brings this up. An even better rule is that you should to go with your gut. If it feels natural then do what comes naturally. If not, don’t force the issue, things will happen in time.

This list of third date ideas has plenty of opportunities to get closer but also some just plain fun ones you can do now that you’re more comfortable with each other.

  1. Make Dinner Together
    Can you cook? Can you fake it? Try, because making dinner together while you drink wine and listen to music is an awesome third date idea. When you're done, move to the dining room and enjoy your creation by candlelight. For those who want to add a little creativity to the night, make it a theme date with our Western, Japanese, Italian, or Chinese NYSDM dates.

  2. What Have You Always Wanted to Do?
    Not you. Them. For this date you're going to ask your date what one thing they've always wanted to do around town. It could be riding bikes along the beach, a sunset picnic at a certain overlook, playing paintball, or dressing up for dinner at an amazing restaurant. Whatever they want, make it happen.

  3. Fire Under the Stars
    If you're lucky enough to have a beach nearby then there’s no reason not to spend your third date enjoying a crackling fire to the sound of breaking waves. Bring along some easy food and drinks, and if your spot’s secluded enough then maybe a little late night skinny dipping is in order.

  4. Dining in the Dark
    When it comes to eating, we rely heavily on sight to tell us what to expect from our food. What would happen if you didn't have that sense? Try eating dinner in a pitch black room and you'll find out. Our In the Dark date may be one of the best third date ideas you've ever had.

  5. Games and Takeout
    Feeling playful? Invite your date over for a night of board games and Chinese food, or video games and pizza! Winner gets…?

  6. Live Theatre
    The more civilized cousin to a movie, watching performances live makes them a unique experience and is sure to impress your date. Some people worry about plays being stuffy but there are plenty of small theatres that put on funny and interesting performances in a less formal atmosphere if that’s your thing. Check local sites for suggestions and reviews.

  7. Stargazing
    Get away from it all with an evening of stargazing in the country. Just you, your date, a blanket, and the night sky. Maybe a little wine and some cuddling.

  8. Stargazing Indoors
    If you can’t possibly make it to the country but still want to enjoy the stars, then try stargazing in the comfort of your own home. After dinner, spread out a blanket on the living room floor, turn on some music, turn off the lights, and gaze up at the glow-in-the-dark stars you pasted on the ceiling earlier that day. You’ll get an A+ for creativity.

  9. Dancing
    Going out for drinks and dancing isn't a bad way to introduce some sweat into your relationship. Regular clubs are good, but salsa is great.

  10. A Trip to the Spa
    Find yourself a day spa with plenty of space to enjoy their hot tubs, roman baths, and pool in privacy, then have a couples' massage together. Once you're finally relaxed, enjoy a long lunch in your robes. That's the life.

  11. Hit the Beach
    Everyone loves the beach. You get to play in the water, toss a Frisbee, walk along the shore, and check out your date in a bathing suit. Nice.

  12. Dinner and a Movie Without the Movie
    Most people invite their date over for dinner and a movie, but you’re more creative than that, right? Instead of watching a movie after dinner, light a fire and get entertained like they did in the 20th century with an old Sherlock Holmes radio show or War of the Worlds. See our Classic Radio Broadcast date for tips.

  13. Sunset Picnic
    A good sunset is one of nature's aphrodisiacs, which you can take advantage of by planning a picnic with an amazing view of the sunset. See our article on Perfect Picnics for tips.

  14. Watch the Moonrise
    If the sunset's not your thing, go out a little later and enjoy a late-night picnic while you watch the moon crest the horizon. It takes a little more planning but scores in the creativity department.

  15. Sweet Tooth?
    Indulge your sweet teeth during an afternoon of experimenting with brand new flavors of chocolate or ice cream by making them from scratch! See our chocolate and ice cream making dates for details.

  16. Cool Off
    If the temperature's soaring, head to a nearby water park for a day of slippery, slidey fun! Enjoy the crowds.

  17. Horseback riding
    Lots of places have guided trail rides where the horses walk the same route every day and that's that. If you're feeling a little more adventurous (and know how to ride), find a stable that lets you go off by yourselves for a half day or provides a guide for just the two of you.

  18. Trapeze School
    Is your date tough to impress? Try one of the most exciting third date ideas with an afternoon of swinging thirty feet above the ground. Trapeze school will teach you both the tricks of the trade and provide plenty of laughs along the way.

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