Trail of Roses
by Dave

Girl smelling a romantic rose on her date
This idea was something our user John put together for his girlfriend Amy a few years ago on Valentine's Day and was nice enough to share with the rest of us. It's not so much a new date idea but more like a way to make a normal night into an amazing experience for your date. This is what he did:

John started out by planning the date exactly – which restaurant they were eating at, the theater, ice cream shop, and then a place for them to take a late-night stroll along the Boardwalk. The reason he had to plan it out perfectly is that he then went and visited people all along the route before the date and convinced each of them to randomly give his girlfriend a rose as they passed through. He showed up for their date and gave Amy a white rose (her favorite), then a waitress at the restaurant had another rose for her, after that an usher at the movie theater, the ice cream scooper, and a few people on the Boardwalk – six in all!

At the end of the walk John took Amy to a remote beach where he had hidden her other six roses along with a Valentine's Day teddy bear. It's safe to say she appreciated all the thought he put into their night because "She's still telling people about this one, three years later." Nice.

John came up with an awesome idea but you can certainly make it your own by using your date's favorite flowers instead of roses. Or even having your helpers give out a different flower at each spot, one that embodies your date or how you feel about them (see our flower meanings) along with a little note explaining why you chose each. You're creative, I'm sure you can think of all kinds of little gifts that are perfect for your relationship.

The Happy Couple (now married)

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