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by Dave

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This is a fun sports date that anyone can do to try golf without the frustration of getting out on the fairways and feeling like a complete spaz. You see, you don't actually have to book a tee time and play on the actual course to try golf, and you won't even need any equipment!

Every golf course with a driving range, along with most independent ranges, has a putting green, also known as a chipping green. Many of them also have clubs to loan, which means you can borrow a putter and a set of irons, buy a bucket of range balls, and make your own golf course.

Start off by borrowing 3, 7, and 9 irons, along with a chipping or sand wedge, and putter. Buy a few buckets or range balls, or just one large bucket, and head over to the range for some hitting practice. It's always easier if one of you has some familiarity with the game, but even without any experience you can get pointers from an attendant or another player on the range. For the irons, the lower-numbered clubs should hit the ball farther, while the higher numbered ones will give your shots more altitude. Play around, hitting balls with the various clubs, but make sure you save a few range balls, you'll be using those on the putting green.

Now that you're warmed up, head over to the putting green for a match! Each of you will alternate choosing the start spot and hole, the person who sinks their ball in the fewest strokes wins. Start off of the green, in the rough or sand trap, so that you can practice your new hitting skills with a pitching or sand wedge (or 9 iron). Whoever wins the most holes should receive something like a backrub, dessert, etc.

The whole thing will probably take about an hour, but is completely flexible based on whether you're having fun or not. Call ahead to make sure they have a few clubs to borrow for beginners looking to take up the sport. Also ask if their putting green is contoured or flat (you want contoured), and if they have a practice sand trap. There you go, plenty of golf for the beginner and it only costs around $5!

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