Up to You!
by Dave

Scratch Off Card Template for Up to You Date Idea
Take a regular old date, throw in a dash of mystery, and watch your partner's eyes light up as they try to figure out what's going to happen next! The great thing about this date is that your partner will make all the decisions for your date and they'll still have absolutely no idea what to expect! How is that possible? Read on to find out.

The basic idea is for you to make up a scratch off card with different choices for the date's activities - things like rock climbing or snorkeling, Thai food or sushi, chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream, etc. You'll enter this into the template over there to the right (under Links), print it out, and cover the answers with 1" scratch off stickers. Next to the answers will be very simple questions, like "High or Low?" (rock climbing or snorkeling) and "Hot or Cold?" (Thai or sushi), and your date will scratch off whichever one they THINK they want to do. You'll have fun watching them try to figure it out and they'll have a great time on one of the most unusually normal dates they've ever experienced!

Here's a complete example for those of you who are still confused; say my girlfriend is the outdoorsy type, and likes Asian food, chocolate, and quiet times together. I might make up the following list:

High or Low? - Rock climbing or snorkeling
Hot or Cold? - Spicy Thai food or sushi
Firm or Soft? - A hot fudge sundae or chocolate cake at her favorite dessert shop
Oil or Water? - Give her a hot oil massage or go hot tubbing

It's easiest to start off by figuring out what kinds of activities you would both enjoy and then make up questions to fit. The templates are available for 2, 3, or 4 activities so be as simple or complicated as you like. Your date will be dying to know what they're missing out on but don't let them scratch off more than one bubble for each section. At least not until the end of the date!

Some other ideas:

In or Out: movie of their choice or stargazing
Fast or Slow: go karts or mini golf
Big or Small: bowling or billiards
East or West: BBQ or Chinese restaurant
Two or Four: hiking or horseback riding
Straight or Round: ice skating or roller skating
Green or Brown: picnic at a park or at the beach
Eyes or Ears: watch a movie or listen to an old radio show

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