Valentine's Day Date Ideas
by Dave

Man in bear suit giving out free hugs on Valentine's Day
Celebrating love is a great idea for a holiday, but I'm not convinced that packed restaurants and overpriced meals are the right way to do it. Try a few of these ideas that can provide all of the romance and memories without the hassles:

  1. Romantic Getaway
    Spend the night away from home at a nice hotel in the city or a quaint cottage with a fireplace in the country. Bring candles, massage oil, some interesting bedroom wear, and stay in for the night. Order room service and spend the entire evening relaxing in the jacuzzi, talking, dancing, playing games, and just being together in your robes.
  2. Romantic Theme Night
    This is like our normal theme date but it's up to you to give the night a romantic twist. The idea is to have fun transforming your place into a fantasy setting for the night. Maybe you surprise her with dinner in Paris complete with a cardboard Eiffel Tower, French music, berets, and a great French meal followed by a foreign film (a French maid's outfit might be fun too). Or you could go crazy with it and treat him to something like a Heaven and Hell theme where one room is decorated with lots of white balloons and sheets with harps playing, while another (the bedroom) has a red lights and...well, you know. Use your imagination!
  3. Secret Art
    Buy white glow-in-the-dark paints and create romantic art and messages on the walls (if white) or ceiling. They'll be invisible during the day when other people are around, but your secret will shine brightly at night! A popular idea is to paint stars, the constellations, or even galaxies on the ceiling above your bed so that you can enjoy the open sky every night. A big heart with an "I Love You" might be nice for her to see before bed too. Charge the paint by hitting it with light for a bit so that you can see it in the dark, or use a black light. Have some regular white paint and rags on-hand for mistakes.
  4. Romantic Games
    In the mood to relax and enjoy each other's company in the privacy of your own home? Try some of these games to spice up your night together!

    Bowl of Wishes
    Write down a bunch of wishes together (back rub, foot massage, kisses, feed grapes for 5 minutes, etc) on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Now open a bottle of wine, and play your favorite board and card games, or even things like twister, pool, or just seeing who can throw the most cards in a hat or make the most baskets with one of those little indoor toy hoops. Whoever wins each game gets to draw a wish and cash it in!

    Strip Fantasy
    Once again you'll be playing your favorite games (quick ones like poker, cribbage, or backgammon) but this time whenever one of you wins the other has to take off a piece of clothing. The first person to be naked has to do whatever the other wants for a certain amount of time, or the rest of the night!

    Body Pictionary
    If you don't have Pictionary cards, just think up different items as you go. Get some homemade edible body paint (melted chocolate, warm pudding, whipped cream) and take turns drawing things on each other. The person guessing chooses where they want the picture drawn, then closes their eyes and tries to figure it out. If they get it right the drawer has to do whatever the guesser wants on that body part (ie face: kissing or nibble earlobe, back: massage) for a few minutes. Whoever solves the most out of 10 is king or queen for the rest of the night!

    Rolled in Oil
    Write down a numbered list of 12 body parts on a piece of paper – I.e. 1) Feet 2) Neck 3) Chest and so forth. Set the mood with candles and soft music, and take turns rolling a pair of dice. Whoever rolls gets that body part rubbed with warm oil and describes exactly how they like it. (hint: 6, 7, and 8 will roll the most so make those the fun parts!)

    Truth or Dare – Valentine's Style
    We all know how to play Truth or Dare, right? You take turns choosing Truth and your partner asks a question you have to answer, or Dare and you must do whatever they say. In a normal game someone might dare you to lick a bug or confess how many times you've stolen things. But that's not very Valentinesy. For this game all truths and dares must be about romance, sex, love, or any other on-theme topic. You still might end up licking things but they won’t be bugs.

  5. Make Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
    After enjoying a romantic Valentine's dinner, have fun creating dessert together - chocolate-dipped strawberries! All you need is the chocolate of your choice (chocolate chips, a shaved favorite bar, or your own homemade chocolate) and strawberries. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or by filling a medium saucepan with water, bringing it to a boil, and placing a small saucepan in the medium one (using water keeps the chocolate from burning). When the chocolate is melted, dip clean, dry berries and place them on a plate, or take the warm pot of chocolate in front of the fireplace and feed them to each other right out of the bowl!
  6. Picnic in the Country
    Celebrate the day by taking a scenic drive to the country and enjoying a picnic at a romantic lake, meadow, or beach. Put together a mix of your favorite sappy love songs for the drive out and pack a meal using some of our picnic ideas. When you're finished soaking up the view, head home for dessert, wine, and a candlelit bath.
  7. Couple's Massage
    Get pampered by scheduling a few therapists to come over for a surprise treat or take your date to a day spa for a couple's massage, champagne, and relaxing.
  8. Valentine's at the Zoo
    Many zoos have special events for Valentine's Day. Here in San Diego our zoo offers night events, Valentine's meals, and even a sleepover to hear the animals celebrate their love too. Check your local zoo or aquarium for events.
  9. Romantic Dinner at Home
    Preparing a simple, unhurried meal with the one you love can make for a great night by itself. Light candles, put on soft music, and make something fun like homemade sushi or a heart-shaped pizza. After dinner do a little slow dancing, enjoy dessert in bed, or share a candlelit bubble bath.
  10. Her Favorite Scene
    Ok, this is an idea that popped into my mind but I'm iffy on it because it's a little cheesy and probably tough to pull off. But if you're up for it try to recreate her favorite movie scene down to the last detail. This could be a harbor cruise and doing the whole Titanic thing, renting a rowboat and bringing bread along to feed the birds like in The Notebook, or whatever else she loves to love. Go all out and get the right song (they always have one playing) and dress for the part. Let me know how it goes!

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