Watch an Unusual Sport
by Dave

Polo as a Date Idea
Why watch yet another football or baseball game on your date when you can be creative and learn about an entirely new sport? For free! Ok, the free part isn't always true, but you do have a good chance of seeing a free match for lots of club and less popular college sports. These sports aren't played for money, the athletes are there for the love of the game, so go out and cheer them on!

Some interesting sports you may find in your area are:

  • Polo
    Players on horseback try to move a small plastic or wooden ball into the opponent's goal using long-handled wooden mallets. This is a favorite for women (something about horses). Search for local polo leagues or an equestrian center events calendar.
  • Rugby
    Somewhat similar to American football, teams try to move the ball into the opposing end zone. Some differences being that offensive players cannot run in front of the ball at any time, so there is no blocking, game play is continuous unless there is a penalty or a player runs out of bounds, and rugby players do not wear padding. Search for local club or college leagues.
  • Ultimate (Frisbee)
    Ultimate is a lot like football, with teams trying to pass a Frisbee down the field and into the opponents' end zone. It's fun to see what the players can do with a Frisbee. Search for local club leagues.
  • Australian rules football
    In Australian rules football, two teams of 18 players attempt to kick what is basically an American football through the opposing team's goalposts. The ball can be moved forward by any means besides throwing it, and players running with the ball must bounce it regularly. Search for local club leagues.
  • Lacrosse
    Players catch and pass a small rubber ball to each other using long-handled racquets with loose netting and try to score in the opposing team's goal, which is roughly the size of a hockey net. Search for local club or college leagues.
  • Cricket
    Most similar to American baseball, cricket is a little complicated, check the link for a full explanation. Search for local club leagues.
  • Curling
    Curling is somewhat similar to shuffleboard, but played on ice with teams of 3 players. Each side takes turns, with one player sliding a heavy granite stone toward a target while his two teammates use brooms to direct the stone's movement. Look for this one at your local ice arena.
  • Water Polo
    Played in a pool, teams of 7 players attempt to throw a volleyball-sized ball into the opponents goal, which is about the size of a hockey goal. Search for local college schedules.

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Many of these sports don't draw huge crowds so might not have food available. Bring something to snack on or even a full picnic.

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