Winter Dates
by Dave & Kat

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During the winter months, you may be tempted to hibernate until spring. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of activities to enjoy with your date! Whether you’d rather huddle indoors or brave the elements, we have plenty of winter date ideas to keep you busy during the long cold months:

  1. Have a Tasting

    You don’t have to be wine snob to organize your own tasting. In fact, you don’t even have to drink wine! Instead, pick something you and your date both enjoy (for example cheese, chocolate or beer) then amass an assortment of flavors and brands and start tasting! Try them one at a time to compare and contrast; be sure to cleanse your palate before moving on to the next choice. A tasting can be a great way to learn more about the types of foods you like and explore new flavors. Although wine, cheese, and chocolate are popular choices, you could try different brands of vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies or olives. Invite other couples for a fun group activity!
  2. Get Tropical

    If you're dreaming of warm, summer days, take a break from the winter with a day at the beach! Inside your own home, of course. Crank up the heat, plop a pair of beach chairs right smack in the middle of your living room and set the mood for a day seaside. Use decorations like beach towels, shells, beach balls, a cooler full of soda or beer (margaritas anyone?), Hawaiian shirts, and plenty of coconut oil. For food try watermelon, cold fried chicken, potato chips, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. You can also go with beach theme music or an ocean soundtrack (audio of waves in our theme date).
  3. Snow Bunnies

    Even if you don’t live in snow country, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a road trip! Give it a try at least once this year, then make a snowman, go skiing, sledding or snowmobiling. You can also challenge your partner to a snowball fight or just take a quiet walk through the wilderness. You'll be sorry if you don't!
  4. Winter Bonfire

    It may be cold outside but you can stay warm with a roaring winter bonfire! Keep things intimate with a smaller blaze for two or invite your friends and ask them to bring lots of wood, food, and drinks. Consider the beach, desert, or other remote areas for hassle-free fun, but make sure there are plenty of designated drivers. Also, be sure to confirm that bonfires (and drinking) are allowed at your destination.
  5. Oscar Season

    After the Oscar nominations are announced in early February, pick up the movies you haven't seen yet and schedule a movie marathon before the winners are picked in March. Stock up on popcorn, theater candy, and soda. Write out each of your picks for the different categories and ask your partner to do the same (we’re pretty sure you can think of some creative wagers related to the outcome). For a touch of Hollywood glamour, host your very own Oscar party, complete with a red carpet made from fabric or a plastic table cloth. Invite your friends to join you and instruct them to come dressed in their very best movie star duds. Greet them at the door with your camera just like the paparazzi and award prizes to the best dressed.
  6. Take a Class

    While spring and summer are great times to learn how to go rock climbing, surfing or kayaking, winter is the perfect time for more relaxed activities like cooking, dancing, painting, tai chi or meditation. Explore your creative sides together this winter with a series of classes at a local business or community college. Check out Groupon and Amazon Local for discounted offers.
  7. The Great Empty Outdoors

    It can be difficult to enjoy the beach or your favorite hiking spots during the summer when they've been completely overrun by your fellow humans. But during in the winter? You’re in luck! Nobody's around so put on some warm clothes, grab a thermos of hot cocoa or soup, and go enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. You could even bring along a hot picnic lunch or find a spot that allows campfires.
  8. A Little Culture

    If you'd rather stay inside and keep warm, winter can be an ideal time to see what's on offer at your local museum, art gallery, theater or aquarium. There’s plenty of culture to be had indoors, so see what you can find and start exploring! Many cities offer discounts for admissions or tickets to more than one exhibit, museum or show so consider buying in bulk for some additional enlightenment.
  9. Winter Sports

    Tis the season for football, basketball, and hockey. Invite your date to join you to watch a professional or minor league game, host a playoff party, or get out there and play one of these great winter sports yourselves. Ever tried curling? No, we didn’t think so.
  10. Hit the Arcade

    Who says you're too old to play skeeball? Find an arcade and challenge your date to a game of skeeball, air hockey or even Miss Pacman. Although you'll be hard pressed to find a boardwalk arcade open during the winter months, most cities have a Dave & Busters where you can enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition, lunch and even a few drinks.
  11. More Great Date Ideas for the Winter

    If you're eager for more, try one of the following. They're not specifically geared for the winter but they work well during the colder months!

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