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This is a great date idea for people who like to try new things and stay fit. Be warned, if you want a guy to join you for yoga there may be some resistance. But as someone who used to consider yoga nothing more than glorified stretching, I can tell you that with the right teacher it's a hard workout, good for flexibility, and leaves you feeling great! To get the tough routine, call and ask for a teacher that provides a challenge or offers power yoga. If you're not as fit or just want a nice relaxing routine, you'll be able to find an instructor for that as well. Getting the right teacher for both of you may be the most important part of enjoying yoga, so figure out what you want out of the class ahead of time.

What to Expect
Yoga sessions are a series of poses designed to strengthen, tone, and align the body, and generally last for an hour. You will be performing poses that rely on strength, balance, and flexibility, which means that men will naturally be better at some (strength) and women others (flexibility). The nice thing for beginners is that yoga is a very accepting, go-at-your-own-pace type of activity. Even though you’ll feel awkward during some of the poses, just do what you can and try to have a good time.

Afterwards, it feels good to relax in a dry sauna or jacuzzi if you take a class at one of the big gyms. Make sure to drink lots of water. Light meals also taste great post-yoga (think salad and spring water).

An alternative to yoga is something called "hot yoga" which is basically just yoga in a really hot room (like 90+ degrees). The purpose is to get students sweating like crazy to rid themselves of impurities. This may not be the best for beginners but it's a must-try if you decide to continue with yoga.

Most gyms have classes, but it might be more fun to find an instructor who gives classes in a park or at the beach. Check around.


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Depending on the class, yoga can be sweaty business. Bring a towel just in case.


$5-$10 but you may score free passes if you take a tour.


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