Gift Ideas

Golden Ticket Love Coupons

After searching far and wide we've found the perfect gold foil paper for our popular Golden Ticket love coupons. If you're looking for a creative way to say 'I love you,' try these, they're so authentic even Willy Wonka wouldn't know the difference!

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Make Your Own Bath Bomb Fizzies

Try these DIY bath bomb fizzies for a little added excitement in your next romantic bath for two!

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts

Try our version of the Twelve Days of Christmas to give your sweetheart a creative set of fun little gifts this holiday season.

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DIY Star Wars Gifts

Surprise your Star Wars fan with some of these creative DIY gifts that they definitely won't have yet!

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DIY Love Coupon Book

One quick trip to the scrapbooking aisle and you'll be well on your way to making a creative book of love coupons for your sweetie. This easy tutorial shows you how!

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Advanced Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

With just a few items you can easily create a bouquet of chocolate-covered strawberries for that perfect romantic gift!

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Make Your Own Custom Photo Frames

Stay on your sweetie's mind by giving him a favorite photo in one of these custom photo frame designs. They're easy to make, inexpensive, and you'll love the result!

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Jessica Rabbit Love Coupons

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a sexy set of Jessica Rabbit love coupons along with a cute idea for wrapping your gift. Take a look!

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'Search for Love' Coupons

If your sweetie likes word searches then they'll LOVE this free love coupon! Hide the description of your gift and watch as they try to figure it out.

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Thought Balloons

Let your sweetie know how you feel by putting all of your thoughts about them into balloons and watching as they have a blast getting them out!

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Gifts for Her

Only women should rate the gifts on this list to help the guys pick out good gifts for their girlfriend or wife. Switch to the Guy's List
  1. Massage  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+71
  2. Photo Together  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+48
  3. Homemade Cookies  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+34
  4. Tix to a Game/Concert  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+29
  5. Music  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+20
  6. Wine, liquor  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+18
  7. Video Game  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+18
  8. Outdoor Equipment  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  9. Boxers, Briefs  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  10. Cocktail Shaker  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  11. Hat  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  12. Cologne  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  13. Sports Jersey  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  14. Watch  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+8
  15. Wallet  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  16. Sports Equipment  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  17. Gadgets  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  18. Clothes  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+2
  19. Flask  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-2
  20. Money Clip  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-15