Gift Ideas

Golden Ticket Love Coupons

These free love coupons are inspired by the golden tickets that Willie Wonka sent out in his chocolate bars. They're easy to make and a creative way to give your honey bunny a little gift.

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Hidden Treasure Scratch Off Cards

Surprise your sweetie with a romantic scratch off card! You choose the fun, romantic, or even sexy prizes and then they scratch off one spot (just one) and win that prize.

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In Case of Emergency

Your sweetie may be in desperate need one day and only this gift can save them from an entire evening of frustration!

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Five Little Gifts

Surprise your favorite person with a new little gift every day for a week. That'll make showing up to the job a little easier for them!

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Love Letters

Why write a love letter? Because love letters inspire! They show caring, creativity, desire, originality, affection, sensitivity, romance, passion, and all the other little things that make us fall in love.

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20 Creative Gifts

Sometimes the right creative gift just takes a little inspiration. Look through this list of 20 gift ideas and you may find that inspiration or even the right gift for your partner.

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A Glimpse of You

Does your guy or girl love a certain part of your body? Give it to them in a creative way today!

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Send Her Flowers at Work

Flowers are an underused gift that drives girls crazy. What are you waiting for?

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Hide your Love Away

Set up a fun little treasure hunt around the house for your partner to find IOUs for love!

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Special Hershey's Kisses

Take a normal little thing like a Hershey's Kiss and make it into a creative gift.

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Gifts for Her

Only women should rate the gifts on this list to help the guys pick out good gifts for their girlfriend or wife. Switch to the Guy's List
  1. Massage  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+71
  2. Photo Together  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+48
  3. Homemade Cookies  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+34
  4. Tix to a Game/Concert  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+29
  5. Music  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+20
  6. Wine, liquor  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+18
  7. Video Game  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+18
  8. Outdoor Equipment  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  9. Boxers, Briefs  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  10. Cocktail Shaker  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+10
  11. Hat  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  12. Cologne  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  13. Sports Jersey  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+9
  14. Watch  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+8
  15. Wallet  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  16. Sports Equipment  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  17. Gadgets  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+4
  18. Clothes  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+2
  19. Flask  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-2
  20. Money Clip  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-15