A Glimpse of You
by Dave

Tattoo on woman's lower back

I knew this guy back in school whose girlfriend was some kind of an art major. Being artsy, one of the things she gave him was a series of black & white, semi-erotic photos of herself that he framed and put up around his room (making it a popular hangout spot). Now when I say semi-erotic, I don't mean anything graphic, it was more about what you couldn't see that made them so sexy. They were all just glimpses of various body parts like her back, stomach, legs, and feet, shot in a sensual way. He loved these photos.

I say take the same basic idea and make it your own. Focus in on a single feature that your partner loves - maybe your smile, feet, a tattoo, or even the nape of your neck - and take a few photographs. They don't necessarily have to be black and white, sexy, or anything other than interesting little pieces of you. Choose the best one and mail it off to them. They'll be dying to see more.

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