20 Creative Gift Ideas
by Dave

Piggy Bank for Love Notes
  1. Memory Bank

    Write down your favorite memories of times spent together on little pieces of paper, then fold them up and place in a piggy bank or other special container. Let your partner know that your shared experiences are the most valuable things you own and they can take them out for a look whenever they feel the need.
  2. A Nice Journal

    Get a quality, leather-bound journal and have your partner's name inscribed on the cover. Write up the first entry yourself by describing the day you met, the first time out together, or how you felt during your first kiss.
  3. The Story of You

    Get a small blank book and fill it with photos, along with descriptions of those times together - what you were doing, talking about, and feeling. Leave plenty of room for future entries!
  4. Scratch to Win!

    Think up a theme gift with 3 different values. For example, it could be a 15-minute back massage, a 30-minute back and scalp massage, or a 1-hour full body massage with candles. Now create a business card sized 'scratcher' on thick paper with 6 boxes - 4 containing the word 'WIN' and 2 with 'LOSE'. You can use any sort of symbol for this, i.e. treasure chests and pirate flags, but you get the idea. Then apply scratch-off stickers and give to your date. If they they scratch off 1 'WIN' they get the 15-minute massage, 2 they get the 30-minute, 3 they get the full hour. Take a look at our page of scratch off cards for templates and inspiration!
  5. Messenger Bear

    Buy a teddy bear and give it to your date with something in its paws like a flower, tickets, chocolate, wearing jewelry, etc. It's cheesy, but they'll love it!
  6. Custom Paint-by-Numbers

    Take a photograph of you two and have it turned into a paint-by-numbers that you can paint together.
  7. Fun Lesson

    Enabling a person to learn something they've always wanted to try can be very rewarding. Consider things like scuba, cooking, race car driving, dancing, couples’ massage, or anything else they’ve talked about.
  8. Customize It!

    Make your date a custom t-shirt, pillow case, or underwear with your own art and a personal message. I was surfing around the other day and noticed personalized creations has a whole bunch of different pillow cases and underwear that you can customize. Go check it out for ideas.
  9. Preserved Memories

    Find a high-quality, old-fashioned photo album and fill it with pictures of you two.
  10. Custom Puzzle

    Have a puzzle made from a photograph of you together or another with sentimental meaning.
  11. A Favorite Book

    If your date has a favorite book or author, try to find a first-edition, signed copy. Make sure to personalize it by inscribing the inside cover!
  12. Special Prize

    Create a surprise for them to find with their morning cereal. Create some kind of love coupon, fold it up, and put it in their favorite cereal box to find!
  13. My own star!

    When we were engaged my fiance borrowed a telescope from his friend and drove me out into the country one night for stargazing, which I thought was a really cute idea btw. Then he pulled out a piece of paper and kept trying to figure something out until he finally got it and had me come look. It was our star, he paid to have it named after both of us! I'm still not sure how to find it but it's out there!
  14. Element of Love

    Get a small glass vial and fill it with a reminder of your first meeting, date, or a great day together. Maybe you met at the beach and can fill it with sand, went snorkeling on your first date and fill it with ocean water, or had a perfect picnic when the flowers were blooming and decide to fill it with flower petals.
  15. Unique Experience

    One of the best gifts I've ever received from a girl was a flight in an old WWII fighter plane with 2 sticks so that I could actually control the loops and rolls. Sometimes unique experiences like biplane or glider rides, skydiving, or bungee jumping can be the most memorable.
  16. Local Art

    Find a local artist like a glassblower or painter to make a unique piece of art using a theme your date loves.
  17. A Year of You

    Make a calendar with a different photo of you alone or the two of you together for each month. You could also add photos from places you've been or places you're going to visit during that month.
  18. Childhood Memories

    Give your date a gift from the past by discovering a special item from their childhood! I'm talking about an old toy, lunchbox, book, cheesy poster (have framed), stuffed animal, or whatever. The best way to find this out is to casually bring it up in conversation, but you can also ask parents or siblings for ideas. They'll have fun seeing it again and appreciate the effort you put into finding out about them.
  19. Message in a Bottle

    Write out a love note on a small piece of paper. This could be about how the person makes you feel, lyrics from a song, a top 10 list of things you love about them, a poem, nice memories, why you think they’re sexy, you get the idea. Roll it up and put the message inside a small bottle (label removed). Leave the bottle for them to find floating in the bathroom or kitchen sink (bonus points if you clean the room) or even hidden in a bubble bath you’ve drawn for them.
  20. Crossword Puzzle

    Make a crossword puzzle with information you two share with each other. Use vacations you have been on or memorable dates you've had or even each others favorites (songs, books, etc.) You can be creative (or seductive) with the hints to jog a special memory of your time together. You can print it yourself at home on colorful or funky fun paper.

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