DIY Star Wars Gifts
by Kat Richter

Do It Yourself Star Wars Gifts. Yoda Approves.

If you're dating a Star Wars fan, chances are he or she has already seen the films, read the books and quite possibly worn the costumes. But don't despair: there are still plenty of great Star Wars gifts out there. And with these sexy do-it-yourself projects, you won't find yourself simply adding to your date's growing collection of action figures.

We've put together three great DIY Star Wars gift ideas that are both practical and easy to make. So grab your iron and give them a try. Actually, don't try. As Yoda says "Do or do not. There is no try."

His and Hers Star Wars Underwear

Have you ever noticed how many sexual innuendos there are in Star Wars? Well, we have, which is why we designed these great Star Wars-themed underwear sets. You can customize yours with your favorite quotes or use the PDF we've provided.
  • Six pairs of underwear
  • Star Wear PDF
  • Iron-on transfer paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron
Supplies for DIY Star Wars underwear

Step 1) Unfold your new underwear and iron if necessary to get rid of all the wrinkles.

Step 2) Confirm that you have an INKJET printer before proceeding. If you try to print on transfer paper with your laser printer, you're looking at some serious (and permanent) damage. If you don't have access to an inkjet, you can order pre-printed iron-on transfers from eBay and use those instead.

Step 3) Print out Star Wear PDF #1 or Star Wear PDF #2 on your iron-on your transfer paper. If you'd prefer to create your own quotes using the traditional Star Wars font, go crazy with it! You can chose different colors, fonts, outlines and sizes, then simply type your text, click "generate" and copy the image into Microsoft Publisher or your favorite editing program. Be sure to flip the text so it reads backwards when you print it.

Step 4) Print your quotes and trim the excess transfer paper.

Cutting out the Star Wars iron-ons

Step 5) Place the first quote face-down on your first pair of underwear. Get creative with the positioning: you can put it on the front or the back or running down the side if you're using a pair of men's boxer shorts. You may need to stretch the underwear slightly if the elastic waistband is causing it to wrinkle.

Placing the Star Wars saying

Step 6) Iron your transfer, applying a strong, steady pressure to the iron as you go. Allow the paper to cool before peeling off the backing.

Step 7) Repeat Steps 3-5 for each remaining pair of underwear. When you're all done, you can wrap your Star Wear in tissue paper and place it inside your Star Wars Reusable Shopping Bag for the perfect holiday gift.

Completed his and hers Star Wars underwear

Reusable Shopping Bag

The next time you send your partner to grocery store, send them with their very own custom-designed Star Wars shopping tote. It's cute and good for the environment so we're pretty sure Yoda would approve.

  • Large canvas tote bag (These are sold at most arts and craft stores, usually near the t-shirts and fabric paint.)
  • Iron-on transfer paper (Check your local office supply store if the craft store doesn't have any.)
  • Shopping Bag PDF
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron
Supplies for DIY Star Wars shopping bag

Step 1) Wash and dry your canvas tote bag. This will prevent the bag from shrinking and will help the iron-on transfer image adhere to the bag.

Step 2) Select an image to print or use our Shopping Bag PDF. A quick Google search yields thousands of Star Wars images, from the classic logo to all of your favorite characters. Just be sure that you reverse any images containing words. The iron-on transfer will result in a mirror image of whatever you print so if the words look reversed on your computer screen, you're good to go. (Microsoft Publisher is a great program for reversing, cropping and resizing images.)

Step 3) Print your image and cut the excess transfer paper, leaving a small margin.

Cutting out the Star Wars logo

Step 4) Place the image face-down on your canvas bag. Be sure to follow the directions that came with your transfer paper but basically, you'll want to cover the paper with a pillow case to keep it from burning and apply the iron for about two minutes to "set" the image.

Ironing the Star Wars iron-on

Step 5) Allow the paper to cool before peeling off the backing.

Step 6) Step back to admire your handy work. Is there anything better than classic Star Wars meets eco-friendly?

Completed DIY Star Wars shopping bag

X-Wing Pillows

Star Wars sheets are for kids, but tasteful black and white pillows with an X-wing border are for grownups.
  • Two matching pillowcases
  • Star Wars Pillow PDF
  • Iron on transfer paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors
Supplies for DIY Star Wars pillowcases

Step 1) Wash your pillows to prepare them for the iron on transfer and hit the computer while you're waiting for them to dry.

Step 2) Print out Star Wars Pillow PDF or search the web for black and white images of your favorite Star Wars fighters (we like X-wings but Tie fighters are great too). To find clean, crisp images, try searching for "Star War coloring pages." Copy the images into Microsoft Publisher then arrange them into a boarder by copying and pasting multiple images.

Step 3) Follow Steps 3-6 as listed under the direction for the reusable shopping bag. Rather than ironing the image directly to the center of your pillowcase, leave the center blank and iron your fighter planes onto the pillowcase's border.

Completed DIY Star Wars pillowcases

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