Five Little Gifts
by Dave

Woman opening a present

Imagine your partner sitting there, toiling through the daily grind at work or school and then there it is - a package with their name on it! "What's this?" they wonder with glee, "A present for little ole me?" Heart overflowing with joy, they no longer notice the fluorescent-lit cubicle walls that were killing their soul mere moments ago. No, now it's all about rainbows and unicorns as they slowly unwrap their little gift. And what they find makes them break into a big fat smile from ear to ear, so pat yourself on the back my friend, you just earned some sweet sweet lovin'! All for $3.78. Nice.

So the idea is to send your sweetie a new little give each day for a week. Keep it small, the fun is more in receiving a new surprise every day than the price of the gift itself, so I wouldn't spend more than $5 or $10 for any present. Start the week out with sweet, fun gifts and end it with a whole lotta sexy. By the time the weekend gets here you'll have them ready to go! Here are some ideas:

Sweet Monday

Single piece of their favorite chocolate, chocolate covered strawberry, homemade cookies or brownies, or a candy conversation heart.

Fun Tuesday

Something you can do together after work like a Frisbee or kite. Or maybe something funny like an action figure that reminds you of a time spent together.

Sentimental Wednesday

Send a photo of you two together, or maybe of a spot that has special meaning (first date?), or even a little collage of your favorite times.

Romantic Thursday

A love note, single flower, or one of their favorite poems.

Sexy Friday

Massage oil or candles make good sexy gifts, or you could spend a little more today and buy lingerie or whatever else comes to mind.

Use your imagination to think up others that they’ll enjoy, like Musical Monday where you send them their current favorite song. You know, the one they always blast when it comes on the radio.

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